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Portable concentrater


Looking at going abroad & thinking of buying my own portable concentrater would probably find it useful to use at home too cannot get any information from my respiratory nurse she says cannot give any recommndations as it's not from my oxygen supplier there's are too big and heavy so would rather purchase my own

Just wondering what's the best & most reliable one any recommndations & help would be gratley appreciated

Thankin you

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What is your oxygen requirements, are you on continuous delivery or pulse.

Two companies that will look after you are.



If possible try before you buy to check there suitability.

My preference is the inogen one G3 goes to 5lpm on pulse only weighs 2.2kg with single battery can be charged in car or at home even when being used.

I also have a Philips igo mini goes to 5lpm on pulse only weighs 2.3kg

Both have been verified on my annual oxygen review at my requirements of 4lpm.

To be satisfactory.

If you require continuous flow then you limited to 3lpm.

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You can use a portable Airsep oxygen concentrator.......My wife has been using one for the past two years or so.

Consult your doctor. You can see the details at the following site. You could probably ask for a demo to see if it suits you.


Hi,I’ve got IPF.I’d checked the internet for what you want and found that cheapest new one,with the battery, totalled £2500.

Extra batterys £300 each.Larger battery £500.

It looks a nice ,handy size,a bit like a handbag size,

with a shoulder strap.I had same reaction from nurse etc.They frown on it as they don’t promote it in their world.(probably because of cost).

Can’t remember it’s name except for ‘G3’ after the name.

Hope this helps.

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I think it only produces 2/3 lpm continuous

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Thanks for that😉👍

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Inogen one G3 new models go to 5lpm pulse dose only. I use same,well received by my oxygen team.

I have one of the Inogen G3 pulse only models. It works great as it has built-in meters that tell you how much battery is left and even how many hours it has been used. My only problem is that it has lived in the cupboard for a while as I am no longer mobile so never use it.

I use inogen one g3 and wouldn’t be without it , I got mine from pure 02, do your research with each company regarding prices as u can haggle a bit between them with extras , extra battery is needed in my opinion , u can get a separate charger now too that charges battery separate, it is pulse so not for overnight , can be used on airlines too

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