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I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis /asthma 5 years ago had 1 sputum sample taken in 5 YEARS & during that time been prescribed symbicort 400 &sabutomal reliever, I asked to be referred to a consultant as I was constantly taking chest infections on a regular basis, I was prescribed amoxillan 500 for 7days, consultant said it is 14 day course of amoxicillin I should be on, got blood tests which said I have HIB virus, & now received letter advising HIB vaccine, I am very apprehensive about this vaccine as II am70 years old &have bad reaction to flu jab!!! Please help as all advice will be very appreciated.

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I can understand your apprehension once you have had a bad reaction to 1 vac it really does put you off another, but that is not to say you will react. I have had the flu vac for years with no probs but had the pneumonia vac and was very unwell, so unwell they insisted I had someone ‘phone me every hour, and now they are offering me the shingles vac, so I understand.

For a start your consulant is on the ball re taking abs for 14 days in line with the guidelines.

If you have HIB type B, then this is the type of HI that kids are vaccinated for. My con referred me to an immunologist who did not advise the vac for the HI we usually get, which is non type, although his predecessor did advise it. I know quite a few folk who have had non type HI and been given the vac and some report they have had far fewer infections. So if you have type B HIB it sounds like a good move to me. I do however, hear your problem, the fear of reacting badly again. You could always discuss it further with your doc. I did this about the shngles vac mind and still can’t make my mind up.

Good luck to you whatever decision you make.


111patricia - only you can decide whether to go ahead with the vaccine. You need to decide which has the more serious outcome for you. Seems to me that your main problem is frequent infections. That needs addressing urgently. Good sputum clearance is key to keeping infection at bay so if you haven't already done so, talk to your doctor about this and ask if he can refer you to the physiotherapy department. Lots of advice about clearance on the Internet.

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