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Feeling horrible


My lovely nephew bought me 2 bunches of Spray Carnations which I really like. Trouble is I'm feeling really poorly today. Sats very low. Could it be the change in the weather! Anyway I now have to try and get a vase and sort the out. Exhausted just breathing. It's a horrible feeling to wish that I hadn't been given any flowers when I've always been so pleased to receive them in the past.

Sorry just having a bit of a moan. Hope everyone is feeling a bit better now that it's cooler. Patsy X

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Hi Patsyann, sorry you’re not feeling great and hope things improve very soon. The flowers sound beautiful but leave them in a different room to where you are for now and see if that helps.

Wishing you well. Xxxx


Hi Patsy

Yes changes in temperature have been trying...

Seek help if sats are low, don’t let it linger..

Take good care of yourself xx


I now have the same problem with flowers, Patsy, however slight the perfume. It's so sad!

What I sometimes do is to arrange them outside, scarf over nose and mouth,. into a vase unlikely to topple and put them onto a garden table, where I can see them from one of the windows of the house. That way I get some of the pleasure of the flowers and the kindness without the breathing issues.

Moan as much as you like. I was feeling like that about some flowers sent to me recently - loved them, but such a chore changing water etc. lol!! Nice to sit and look at them though. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Chin up. I know how it is - I woke this morning feeling ghastly and then thought - it may be dusty as it is so hot and dry. So I took an antihistamine and BINGO! A bad day turned good.

I am very weather sensitive.

A few years back I was encouraged to keep a diary - temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind etc against how i felt, breathing etc.

I now know I am worse when it is below 12C, above 50% humidity, the wind is easterly or northerly and over 15 kph and the air pressue is low. And also that I suffer in summer above about 26C, especially if it is still humid. And I am very sensitive to pollen and dust. If the pressure drops, as before a storm I get worse.

You can get a weather station for about £25 - could ask family to buy it for a present if money is tight. If you think it may help then make sure it measures humidity and air pressure (barometric). Easy to read and you only need the numbers (no need to understand) - make a note a.m. and p.m. each day with a note of how you feel and are breathing and if you need extra medication, extra puffs etc.

After a while you will be able to guess how you will feel today when you get up and act accordingly.

As others say, flowers can be a curse as well as a blessing - different room is a good idea, especially at night.

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