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Hi all, hope you're all well. I can't seem to find a breath? Ribs really hurts is that to do with breathing? I know doctors said I'm gathering to much mucus and that's the problem. I'm on incruse once daily and docs changed me back from salbutamol to a brown one. Just come off the antibiotics and steroids again?. Really fed up now the cough is really annoying.

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I get sore ribs if I've been coughing a lot or if I do too much physical activity without taking my reliever inhaler. My GP said it was just intercostal soreness, but I didn't believe him at first, though now I do. My osteopath helped me to release the spasm in my diaphragm and showed me how to massage the sore intercostal muscles, the little muscles that hold the ribs together. It's as if my lungs force my ribs to stretch further than they should in my attempts to get more air in when I inhale.

This might not be the only reason for sore ribs, so it's probably a good idea to check what's going on with your doctor first.

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Thank you for your reply, I've asked doc if it is possible to do with heart being in wrong place? They said it's possible but don't really know! Not getting any answers from respiratory clinic either?? Going to respiratory clinic tomorrow again and hopefully get an idea of what's going on. X

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Good luck at the clinic today. Do let us know how you get on.


Hi, do not despair breathing is harder in this hot weather as we on the forum know to our cost, you'll have to get used to it. See if your GP can put you on Carbicisteine for the mucus it won't get rid of it but it should make it easier to get up. It's good you are off the antibiotics & steroids, take heart & move on.


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Hi, thanks for reply really appreciate it. Been on carbosteine and didn't really work with the other meds I'm on so doc said to come off it. Ribs still sore but will battle on. Again thank you. X

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