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Physiotherapist & Ulnar Nerve Palsy’s


Well went seen physiotherapist re numb arms AND to my shock she belted my onion nerve WELL ulnar nerve in elbo funny bone.

With one them reflex hammer AND nothing happend SO got to see neurologist so I can have one of them nerve condution test given bloods X-rays was ok.

Also my posture WELL have to look for posture brace AND as anyone used them.

I think it might be inflammatory related this nerve stuff AS my varacose vains in legs keep Itching BUT only when I ware my surport stockings.

As to breathing well that’s not been great AND also when I go hospital’s seem to be suffering panic attack’s bad anxiety.

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Hi JAS, I do hope the neurologist can help you and that you get help with your anxiety too. It all sounds pretty stressful for you.

You take care xxxx

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Hi sassy cheers is pain and the said my posture not helping but fixing stuff like that is easer said than done especially when set in your ways.

Am sure things will even them self out :)

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Hi Jeff, has the physiotherapist given you any exercises to help with your posture. When I am breathless I find I tend to stoop more, and I guess that in turns restricts the lungs in the longer term. Also spending too much time bent over my tablet! That's a bad habit of mine.

I do yoga, and have tried the idea based on the Alexander Technique of lying on my back on a soft mat, small thin cushion under my head, with bent knees. Just lie there for a while, either meditating, listening to a relaxation cd or calming gentle music. It's more difficult than you think, but it loosens the knots of pain in my back and my mind!

I now hate going to the hospital or even the doctors.....I feel like the cat going to the vet when it sees the cat carrier. My pulse rate goes up alarmingly. Have you tried a bit of pursed lip breathing and gentle belly breathing.......gentle through your nose not big breaths.

Medication for anxiety is available too.

Take care now.

Good luck seeing the neurologist - at least the physio realised something real is going on.

Try breathing ìn through your nose and out through our mouth slowly and gently. Sometimes held otherwise speak to your gp and he may be able to prescribe a mild sedative like lorazepam. It settles you down and helps you to relax

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