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Surprise surprise!

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I had a wonderful day yesterday, last week a young man got in touch with me saying his grandma , an old school friend from more than 50 years ago, was looking for me. To cut a long story short, he put her in touch with me and she came to see me yesterday. It seemed like we’d never been apart and we had a good laugh and reminisced about the ‘old days’ . We’ve had lots of coincidences as we’ve gone through our separate lives

and both have blond hair now, even though we were both dark at school. we’ve promised to keep in touch and meet up whenever we can. The pic is both of us in my garden, I’m the one with the glasses.

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How wonderful for you both, I met one of my friends two weeks ago hadn't seen in forty four years. It lovely when old friends meet up again. Long may it last, take care hope you have an awesome day 😊 Bernadette xxx❤️

How lovely CELAT and it’s great to reminisce with old friends. Great photo of the two of you and hope you meet up again soon. Xxxxx

Wonderful! So glad you enjoyed meeting up. xx Moy

What a joy for you celato6, you both look like you are having a good time , how nice this young man traced you x

What a Beautiful Photo of you Both, Thank's to her Grandson for finding you, Technology is a wonderful thing. Enjoy many more Happy meetings and I'm sure a Party will be called for. Love n Hugs. Carolina XXXX

That's amazing - it really was a great surprise for you & I'm sure you'll have lots more enjoyable days ahead x

how lovely thank you xxx

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