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Is Fostair as good as Seretide


I was recently moved over to fostair after years of controlled asthma using seretide. I had a bad chest infection a couple of weeks ago despite having a daily dose of chlarythromicin, also for a few years. I'm a lot better now but find that I need a puff of Salamol to clear chest after taking my fostair. I rarely used Salamol when on seretide. Is fostair the problem?

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"A study has shown that asthma patients may be switched from Seretide (fluticasone propionate-salmeterol [FP-SAL]) to Fostair (extra-fine beclomethasone-formoterol [efBDP-FOR]) at an equivalent or lower inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) dosage with no reduction in clinical effectiveness but a significant reduction in cost to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS)."


Hi, our reactions to different drugs is very individual. We see many times that what suits one does not suit another. If you type Fostair or Seretide in the Search British Lung Foundation box you will see many older threads discussing this issue.

Personally I found the change (over 2 years ago) from seretide to fostair very beneficial and would not want to go back. Do you use a spacer to take your fostair - these can be supplied on prescription, and might stop your needing to take a puff of salbutamol after taking the fostair.

Sometimes new meds can take up to 4 weeks to settle down, but if you're not happy do go back to your GP or consultant. There are several alternatives that you could try.

Hi, yes I do use a spacer. It just seems a big coincidence that all was well then, after the change, my condition seems to have deteriorated. I see the asthma nurse in a couple of weeks. I don't fancy trying this, that and the other when all was well before.the doc said that a return to Seretide isn't possible because it's being withdrawn, but the manufacturer says that they're not. Am I a victim of cost cutting I wonder

Hi, in my experience Fostair has been utterly brilliant. The beauty of it is that you can increase the dose when you need to (like during an infection or exacerbation) and also that the particles are finer so reach the parts others cannot ( my words). Read the leaflet well, it should explain the dosage regime. I was given a little booklet when first prescribed mine. I've hardly used ventolin since being on it.

As Annienell says, we're all different with different reactions.

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Exacty my reaction - far and away the best and most versatile for me, and I was on Seretide for years; big improvement.

I was on Fostair for two years and got many side affects weight gain throat trouble rashes ect i am now on a 3 in 1 inhaler Trimbo early days yet but my throat is certainly a lot better x

Hi I have not changed over as yet but I want to due to an article I read. I do not think you have been changed due to a cost cutting thing but rather that a study done in this country (UK) has found that the Seretide 500 Inhaler was linked to causing worse Health outcomes in COPD patients and sometimes even Pneumonia hope this helps. There was a link on here last week to this study

Hi, I don't have COPD. That's why I don't understand the switch. I've had no problem with Seretide but, interestingly, very soon after starting Fostair I had a bad chest infection from which I'm till recovering.

Hi I moved from Seretide to fostair a year ago and I have been a lot better with fewer infections and less coughing. I use the fostairnexthaler as I find it easier to use. Medicines affect us all differently. I don't need to use my salbutamol very often only when my peak flow is very much down. It may take a few weeks for the benefits to show. Maybe trial the fostair longer or switch to fostairnexthaler if you are using a spacer. Take care.

Hi I was changed to fostair after 10 years on seritide 250 evohaler when I went in hospital with influenza A but after about 3 weeks had to go back to seritide as fostair made me feel sick and also had a hoars throat got back to normal in about a week

Hi. I was put on Fostair after a recent bout of pneumonia. I was on Qvar for years and it very often made me cough. I’ve found the Fostair much easier to inhale as it’s finer and haven’t used my ventolin much since being on it.

Read the leaflet in the Seratide box. A small minority of patients can have increased number of chest infections, fevers, chills, as a side effect of taking it. I was one of the minority but have seen a great improvement since the change to Fostair. Incidentally I found out about this from this forum & requested the change. I have asthma all my life & diagnosed brochiectases in 2014. Changed to Fostair Dec 2016

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