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coughing up bright red blood, bronchiecastsis

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i have mucoid pseudomonas and bronchiectasis and during these hot months my chest has been feeling extremely tight, my respiratory consultant has given me prednisolone for 5 day and now i have coughing up bright red blood, really scared, i don't no if this is caused by pseudomonas or scar tissue i don't know what to do.

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Hi please seek medical advice at least you will get the treatment you need and it will put your mind at rest. You take care and let us know how you are. Thinking of you. Love Bernadette 😊

When someone with bronchiectasis coughs up blood it is usually a sign that there is an exacerbation( infection) which needs antibiotics. Some people with bronchiectasis do cough up blood sometimes. Pseudomonas needs specialised antibiotics but steroids, although they can help with the tightness and infections in copd usually are not given in bronch unless there is asthma as well. If there is a lot of blood and it is frothy as well as bright red I would suggest going to A&E. Call an ambulance if it is severe. If it has stopped or looks like old blood now ( a darker colour and less of it) I would also suggest getting the right antibiotic from your usual doctor or if you go to A&E, telling them that you have pseudomonas. Is your consultant a bronchiectasis specialist or just a general respiratory consultant?

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hey! Thanks for the advice, i went to a and e and spoke with my consultant, she's a CF respiratory consultant not a bornchicetasis one in particular.

I've been given steroids and ciprofloxacin to take, as well as my gentimycin nebuliser which i was already taking.

They do not think it's an infection but an exacerbation of bronchicestasis.

I am doing more vigorous physio and coughing lots and still get streaks of blood in my sputum.

The consultant is aware i just need to hope it stops soon. 😩

thanks for the support

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All sounds good-if we can put it that way. Lucky you, having a cf consultant. They have all the expertise of non cf bronchiectasis consultants and are used to using aggressive treatment to combat its problems. Yes, sounded like an exacerbation to me and with the cipro, steroids and extra effort on your part it is beginning to resolve. It can be very scary though. I do not tend to have much in the way of bleeds ( fingers crossed) but can get streaks or even a bit more if I have a bad exacerbation. I hope that you are back to normal soon.

Go to doctors probably bad infection ,keep us posted try not to worry xx

I agree with other, consult with your doctors asap.

You need to go straight to your Doctors

Please skj , don't hesitate and check out with your doctor,all the best, please let us know how you get on .

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