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Wondering about Bronchiectasis - update

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I posted here a few weeks ago about wondering whether to query the possibility of bronchiectasis with the G.P. And thought I’d post an update.

Since then I ended up with another infection (I’d only finished a two week course of oxytetracycline less than 2 weeks before this). Went back today as I’d just finished a week long course of doxycycline and wasn’t sure if I was better or not. The G.P. I saw said that the last sputum test (the one that initiated the doxycycline) showed that I was infected with two bacteria (haemaphilus parainfluenzae and moraxella catarrhalis). He said my lungs were still bubbling a little but that he didn’t want to just prescribe another lot of antibiotics without getting to the bottom of why someone like me should be getting these kind of infections (45 non smoker, and apart from the asthma, relatively healthy). So I took the opportunity to tell him all about my chronic productive cough and how I was wondering about bronchiectasis, and he agreed that that was a possibility and that I should be seeing a specialist as something was going on other than the asthma. He said I needed to have a few routine investigations done before referral. So to start with an X-ray and routine blood tests. It’s slightly complicated here in that I live on a small island and we don’t have a resident GP, just a rota of a regular GPs supplemented with locums who stay for a week or two at a time. So I’m probably going to have to explain myself a few times before I actually get a referral, but at least this was a positive visit. So thanks for the advice given here which gave me the courage to voice my concerns.

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It’s good to hear of a positive GP visit and hope things move along as quickly as possible for you. Good luck. Xxx 👍

Thanks. Just got to keep at them

With repeated infections you definitely need a referral back to a specialist. Its not good to keep getting infections so I hope you get referred soon as, and that you don't have to wait too long to see the Consultant (who will no doubt want to do further tests CT scan )etc.

Best wishes

Haemophilus is a nuisance to get rid of. It can colonise. Go back don’t be without antibiotics this took weeks and weeks for me and it’s still there.

Can make you feel rubbish.

You prob need a referral to a chest consultant who will do a ct.

My Bronchiectasis was diagnosed with a ct scan.

Take care and don’t be put off to go back.

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shouty in reply to Armadillo57

my story exactly Armadillo I needed two lots of 4 weeks of Doxy to shift Haemophilus

I agree with Armadillo, you need more antibiotics until your chest is clear. Hope you get to see a consultant soon. I paid for a ct scan which helped to speed thinks up a bit. Hope You feel better soon. 🐝

A CT scan can determine if you have bronchiectasis. It will show if your airways have weakened. That a sign of Bx. COPD and asthma causes the airways to tighten. BX causes the airways to become less effective in coughing up the mucus. Resulting in pockets of mucus along the airways to become infected.

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