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23 years with Bronchiectasis


More than two decades ago, I was diagnosed to have Bilateral Bronchiectasis. Since then, I had so many experiences with my ailment from Pneumonia, Hemoptysis, Koch Infection and other complications. It was suspected that my more than 20 years of work as an Artist Designer predisposed me to the condition. With my very able Pulmonologist, I learned how to live with the disease.

At present, I am still working part time doing watercolors and making jewelries using beads and crystals. With God's blessing, I remain steadfast. Fortunately, I do not have difficulty of breathing and still able to travel. I hope that I can be an inspiration to those who have Bronchiectasis and I wish to share any experience that may be of help to others.

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That’s a very inspiring post from you marejosa and I’m pleased you are managing to live well with bronch. It helps to have a good Pulmonologist on your side.

Wishing you well. Xxxxx

Bless you Marejosa, would love to view some of your work :) Beadwork was the one thing I switched to, exhaustion and breathing on exertion 2 of my main problems. I also love natural gemstone beads and crystals.


Yes you truly are an inspiration to others with bronchiectasis and other conditions also. To work with such pretty objects must be healing and inspiring in itself. Please show us some pics if you can.

Hi marejosa, glad to hear you are coping well with your condition. One question if I may, why were you predisposed to this because of your work being an artist designer? X

Thank you so much. Only recently diagnosed after Haemophilis infection. Lovely to hear you are living life :)

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