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Coughing for 8 months but goes away when i sleep

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Been through a lot of Medicine for cough, atbs, multiple clear xrays there was a relief but it keeps coming back.. Ill be having ct scan this thursday and i feel so anxious. I also experience this weird pain/pressing sensation in my upper back that come and go and it makes me cough and feel like my back feel so tired. I also experienced coughing up phlegm with blood in it, my cough goes away when im Asleep. Anyone experienced this? Sometimes i feel like my throat feels thight and im drowning in my own mucus. Never drink or smoke but im afraid i have a serious lung condition, im just 22 but feeling really sick for the past 8months. Anyone experience this?

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Obviously no one can diagnose online. But it is strange that it disappeared at night. My thoughts go to some form of allergy from inhalation of something within your environment. Could it be that there is something within your workplace or home that is causing this. The CT scan will help give a clearer picture but may not give a cause. I would keep a diary. Does your cough get worse at a certain time or in a certain place. Diagnosis is often a process of elimination so the more information your can give to your doctor the better.

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Yes it disappears when im asleep. Hope its not something serious, i just feel so Anxious bout the blood in my sputum

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Due to coughing small capillaries can burst. Small amounts of blood are not normally anything to worry about.

Hi aeparcs. I’m sorry that you have been having such a horrible time. You don’t say if all of your treatment so far has been through your GPsurgery or whether you have been referred to a respiratory specialist. It is obvious that diagnosis and treatment has been very unsatisfactory so far. Also, a ct scan will need to be read by a respiratory expert because I am afraid that hospital tecnitians and GPs are not sufficiently trained to interpret everything. If you are not under the care of a respiratory specialist do insist that your GP refers you to a good one. You are very young and you need to get control of whatever is causing these problems before it causes further damage.

Don’t take no for an answer. Good luck

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Currently my doctor is a lung specialist or pulmonologist.. And thank you

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I do hope that this pulmonologist eventually comes up with some answers for you.

Yes I've suffered with a cough for enlightening years that goes when I sleep, after being wrongly treated for reflux, I've now been diagnosed with hypersensitivity pnuemotitious, caused by something in the environment, I'm now on ambultray oxygen, if I'd been diagnosed earlier I may not of needed oxygen, just mention this to your doctor

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Sorry that should say eight years

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Really 8 years? Like. Almost everyday? I hope u feel well. Soon

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Ive been through a lot different diagnosis.. Hope this not something serious and yes i did mention that it goes away when i sleep.

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Hi Aeparcs, if I read the post correctly, Linnie13 means you should talk to your doctor about a possible diagnosis for "hypersensitivity pnuemotitious" .

Well it's for life for me , I'm 63 and I'm on tablets to dampen down my immune system ,as its fighting itself , but I'm fighting it thanks

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