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Some Days depression gone


The whole sewing thing didn’t work out as my Nephew ended up coming for a surprise and unexpected visit. He is my sisters son the one that passed away the one I was making the quilt for. He is on the autistic spectrum he is 10 going on 11 and very much a handful. I am enjoying his visit but have no time to sew...

I think the higher powers that be know just what we need and spending time with him a little piece of my sister is just what I needed gives me purpose to be present in every way every day. I’m grateful his dad decided to drop him here he had previously told me no when I had asked if he could come spend the summer and be spoiled rotten by his Auntie. We can’t run and play outside previously I was able to walk him down to the park now it would not be possible. We are doing puzzles. He is reading to me and I to him. We are having pillow talk time. His birthday is coming up and we are planning the meal and cup cakes. Lasagna, garlic bread, and salad. Vanilla cup cakes with chocolate fudge frosting. He likes all things kitty cat so I got him some cat slippers and I’m working on find cat pj’s or just a Tom and Jerry t shirt and pj pants he likes Tom and jerry too. I’m so excited.....😃😃😃😃

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Wow! How uplifted you sound docmel. What a difference your lovely nephew has made to you. I am sure his birthday will be wonderful and he gets to spend it with you. Save me a cupcake please. Have fun! Xxxx 👍😺😽😸🍥🍭🍦🎂🍰🎁🎉🎊

Brilliant docmel,as you say sometimes things happen and this wonderful and bright young man obviously delights in your company and you have come alive again,so happy for you both..............Ski's and Scruffy cat xx

I hope your young nephew enjoys his birthday as much as you're enjoying his company. Like the sound of the birthday menu - one of my favourite meals🎈😻😸🐈🎁🎈

Hello docmel it's such a wonderful thing you're doing, he'll remember this bonding time forever. A friend of mine.did a similar thing for my eldest a few years ago when she was having a difficult time, they did quilting together and my eldest chose materials, learned to sew and measure and got time and space to deal with a lot of things in her head with a third party. It'll be much appreciated and its very valuable for you both. I hope you have a wonderful summer with him and a very Happy Birthday to him 😊. x

Hello docmel, Just reading your Post brought a happy feeling for you and your wonderful Nephew. Together you will share such a special Love bequeathed by your wonderful Sister, his Mummy. I do hope your Summer is magical which I'm sure you will make it possible for you Both, happy Birthday to him. Lots of Love to you Both. ...Carolina XXXX

I am sure you will have a Wonderful time with your nephew. Have fun xxx

Hi docmel, so pleased you have your nephew with you, children have a way of making you happy and it sounds like a double dose of love, enjoy the time you have together they will bring treasured memories for you both. Irene xx

Oh How lovely docmel ! Your post brightened my heart. I hope you and your nephew have a wonderful time together. Bless you both, Sheila xxx

Well the birthday meal sounds scrumptious, can I come lol, I'm low maintenance, just sit me in a corner. On of my grandsons is Autistic bless him, all he wants to do is run and dance. He's a handful and I couldn't babysit him for those reasons, plus being disabled I couldn't go chasing after him, and no chance of sitting him down with a book. so it's extra work for my husband. You sound like the perfect Auntie and your sister would be proud of you. I wish you well and hope you get back into your sewing, I think you need to focus. ✋️😉xx

Ahh that's so nice. Children are wonderful at helping us through things. As they see things a little differently. I'm so glad you enjoyed having him visit. 😊👍🌻

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