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Help needed


Hya was diagnosed with mild c o p d 20 year ago I’m now in my last year of working and struggling with my breathing , I have never ever smoked yet worked as a brass polisher for 35 years which is what the consultant said caused it . Dont know about the last year in employment off with depression at the moment along with stress dreading going back to work with its physical demands was referred to pulmonary rehab but my blood pressure is too high to commence it xx

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Don’t go back to work take has long has it takes for you to be feeling well and in a frame of mind that you want to get back to work.

To be honest I’m not ready thought of going back freaks me out at moment just feel as though it’s expected of me after having last meeting with management xx

Ergendl in reply to bobbyblade

If the management retire you on medical grounds, it will be easier for you when applying for benefits.

Xxx thankyou xx

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