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Dry skin problems


Wonder if anyone else has dry skin that peels as do my fingers every couple of weeks and then end up with lovely smooth skin. The same thing happens on my right arm and eyebrows. A GP has told me it's a problem with my immune system. I am waiting an appointment for a Endocrinologist clinic . Another symptom are bouts of exhaustion mostly after just eating and have to have a nap . Also get pins and needles in my feet, legs and fingers. Joyce

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Hi Joyce. Not good is it. Lol. I have psoriasis and my hands looked like that from age 7 until age 57. Then we had a new dermatologist in our hospital. He prescribed methotrexate and my skin was so much better

But I got juandice, I stopped treatment and luckily it didn't come back so bad but the arthritis did. It's one circle after another. Hope you get some help soon. Have a lovely Sunday. Jane

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Thank you for that Jane. I told GP I didn't like to use any creams that contain paraffin due to being on oxygen and he prescribed Balneum Plus cream but that also contains liquid paraffin. As my finger joints are starting to crack I have been using it when resting without having oxygen on. Must have been quite bad for you having it as a child, glad you don't have it now. You have a nice day too

Thank you for that I have usedAveeno but that also contains paraffin . Creams can help but it seems to happen anyway . From start to finish takes about a week and less than 10 days it starts up again. Just very sore at the moment.


Hello Joyce

GP should give you ezcema cream it works, some with urea like Eucerin better than steroids cream but if it gets sore or infected. Oat cream from Avenoo is good..must be the medication Joyce. Steroids etc dry out our skin, eyes etc

I use cicalfate from Avene. It is not reimbursed but I find it effective. You don’t need to put too much just a thin layer and can put the gloves on at night for a couple of days until improvement.

Good luck my dear Joyce xx


I would say use Eucerin ( only the original kind in the jar). Then wrap with Saran wrap! Also the legs,fingers etc that prickle in pain, might be neuropathy. My legs were so bad they gave me neurontin and I used a oil from the health food store,put it on my legs and wrapped them both in saran wrap! Hope this helps! Janet127

joyce74 in reply to JANET127

Thank you for that Janet127

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