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8 months chest infection and pleurisy not resolving.


Hi I started off with a chest infection I’m october last year, I’ve had more than 12 courses of anti biotics to get rid of it, in March I was sent for an x Ray which showed the infection was still there as well as now having pleurisy. The infection has now finally gone but I still have the pleurisy and and awful cough. The gp isn’t bein particularly helpful. My left lung is incredibly painful and if I lie on or put pressure on the left lung it makes the coughing and pain even worse. I really don’t know what to do now. I also take lymecycline long term for a skin condition, now if I don’t take this or miss a dose my lung gets worse again. The doctor has basically told me there is nothing more they can do and even mentioned the word physiological. Frustrating because she has evidence of what is going on. 8 months is a long time to be Ill. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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How hard is this for you!

Sometimes infections take so long to heal but please dont loose hope and keep motivated somehow.

Ive had really wheezy lungs for five weeks now and pain in my lungs-do you think a change of Antibiotics could work or a second opinion? Maybe phoning the Rehab clinic too if you’ve been to one? If not ask to be referred?

I know its hard but walking is very good even when unwell even if its for 10 mins daily and build up from there?

Hope you feel better soon!

Love Janzo 💐


What is wrong with your doctor!? Get in there and demand a referral to a consultant. In the meantime take yourself to A&E. This has gone on too long and the type of pain you describe is not trivial.

If your GP as run out of ideas then time to insist on a referral to see a respiratory consultant.

Get a referral to a lung specialist and try and see a different GP. Wishing you well. Xxxx

Hi I had 12 courses of antibiotics over an 8 month period from last September last year to this April before my infections cleared and I felt very ill so I really sympathise with it. However it has now cleared after being on a variety of different AB's and I didn't have the sort of pain you're talking about it. That is horrendous for you. I would either see a different doctor or get yourself to A&E and demand it to be investigated. Its not right.

Hi Jaid, Psychological (that old cop out). Doc either doesn’t think s/he can do anything, in which case perhaps they are in the wrong job or they don’t want to do anything, again in the wrong job. If they seriously think it is psychological then what are they doing about that. Before coming to that conclusion they should Illiminate anything serious by refering you to a con who would most likely order a ct scan.

Good advice from all you friends above.



Poor you..😢 painful, tiring...💕

I’m not a doctor but only talking from experience and repeating what various pulmonologists etc have told me: Did you get a sputum test to see what bacteria it was and an antibiogramme to see which was the best antibiotic? And then did he find the right dosage and way to dispense it. Infusions are more effective then oral tablets. It is worth going in hospital for 5 to 7 days then lingering 8 months..

Because steroids on their own will not desinfect your lungs, they will however reduce the inflammation so the antibiotics can do their job. Again the dosage you are allowed at home is nothing like you will get in hospital by infusion and under supervision.

Good luck my dear 🍀 let us know how you are getting on xx


Thank you for your replies everyone :) I had a sputum test around March tIme and it came back clear to my horror because I was still feeling very poorly at this point. I’ve had amoxicillin, clarythramicine , azitharmicin, doxycycline , and two others I’m not sure if the name. I just feel like the pain in my lung is getting worse. I think if it worsens anymore in the next 24 hours I will go to a and e and if it stays the same see a different gp on Monday and request to be referred as you all say. Your support means a lot thank you

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Well if you were under antibiotics when you had that sputum test it would give false results. You need a Ct scan if you haven’t had one to see what is going on, maybe it isn’t an infection but a condition. Not that I wish anything else on you of course.

Good luck with it all and keep in touch. We are here for you x


Spacecat1 in reply to Hidden

I would go back and ask to be referred for ctscan I plodded along believing I had asthma so Doctor said. In the end hubby pushed for scan me being me kept saying I'm fine. Glad I had scan had me on antibiotic and said I was lucky something about double pneumonia so bed rest and strong antibiotics and got called back to hospital to be told going t another scan to see if cleared I did feel better but breathing hard turns out got copd. I was lucky my doctor could se the symptoms and was on the ball. He has been good to us at the time we lost our 18 year old son . So nothing was to much for him. And I did go back to work at home as a child minder.until this year after being hospitalised doctors gave me no choice. I do miss not working. 28 years of watching the kids grow up.im lucky I had brilliant mum's who supported me and still bring the kids to see . And touched after much pushing got my antibiotics changed and these are so much better. Back on my feet so to speak.

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What an ordeal! So glad you are back on your feet!

Take good care and x


Chloe12 in reply to Hidden

You've been through the mill, what a tough time. Glad to hear you're feeling better these days. So sorry about your son x

Jaid506 in reply to Spacecat1

Oh gosh that must have been so tough for you. Thank you so much for your advice.

OMG I’m so sorry about your son. How shocking 💔😪 xx

I think its really insulting of that doctor to imply its psychological (if that's what you meant) .How could they come to that conclusion without proper tests? Of course there is something that can be done, its not good enough to tell you there isnt. I'm really cross on your behalf and feel sorry for you feeling so bad. I know when I was ill I thought id never get better, and my symptoms weren't as severe as yours. We're all rooting for you to get it sorted so please do let us know how you get on x

Jaid506 in reply to Chloe12

I had some blood taken yesterday and my crp is raised aswell as d-dimer and Erythrocyte both coming back abnormal. The gp had put a note on the ststem to say I needed to be seen but didn’t ring me , I rang them to find out ... I have an appointment on mo day. I am a little concerned to wait til Monday because the d-dimer is a specific test for blood clot?

Chloe12 in reply to Jaid506

Ring the nhs helpline and see what they think.

If the doctor really thought it was psychological, he/she should have given you a referral to a psychologist.

Chloe12 in reply to Ergendl

Exactly! I don't think for a minute that its psychological. I hope @Jaid506 gets some answers.

Just a little update. I couldn’t get an appointment with the gp until today which is in an hour. Overnight I’ve developed a pain around my left collar bone? I’ve booked in with a different gp so I’m hoping he will be helpful and if he’s not I’m hoping it will be acceptable to go to a and e because of the new pain they can’t say it’s all ongoing and go back to the gp? I will definitely be asking for a referral to respiratory consultant. Any other advice or questions I should ask would be very much appreciated. Thank you

Just had my appointment, the doctor said he thinks it’s musco skletal pain 🤦‍♀️ He has ordered some blood tests which I’m about to have but practically laughed at me when I asked for a referral. I’ve come away feeling even more frustrated than when I went in. He didn’t take my temperature or listen to my chest either today. I even explained to him that I am a single parent of 3 children one of whom is autistic and another who has complex disabilities which happen to include chronic lung disease and she has been on oxygen her whole life. So I’m hardly going to be making up or imagingin a lung problem myself.

Well if you've still got the pleurisy how can the pains be musco-skeletal? I would have thought its more likely to do with the pleurisy and perhaps an infection that they haven't pinned down yet. Im no expert though but I do think go with your gut feeling and think about going to a and e. It sounds like you are experienced in lung problems because of your child. You mentioned your blood results in your latest update and I'm afraid I don't know anything about those, perhaps someone else will come along who does. Bad that they didn't ring you about it. It all sounds really unsatisfactory, you must be so frustrated. I imagine it will be difficult for you to get to a and e and hang around as a single parent but hopefully someone can help you. Have you tried ringing the NHS helpline, 111 I think.

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