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BBC’s Debate Into Hospital’s & Social Care O And Bed Blockers


Did anybody see bbc tv debate on hospital’s and social care.

Well given my own experiences with Alzheimer’s Dementia sepsis hip replacement.

I can say the bbc as got it so wrong.

In the furry to blame sick disabled patients elderly NOT once was hospital neglect negligence TALKED about.

As contrabutry factor in longer hospital stays higher social care cost.

Well am here to say is factor AS my dad’s horrendus hospital stay following hip replacement THEN sepsis aki renal failure following poor post operative care neglect added a month and two week on my dad’s recovery.

Yet you won’t hear much about hospital neglect contributing to longer stays higher social care cost.

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It's almost a foregone conclusion that the BBC won't report anything honestly!!!!! So there will be no comment on sepsis which is so very dangerous. Glad your father recovered but what a horrendous experience for him. There is NEVER any mention of the extra 300,000 people who come into the country each year and many will need treatment! This small island can't cope so I do wish they would stop blaming the elderly for everything that is wrong with the NHS! My opinion! Hope your father continues to improve and that you are well yourself!

Oh for heavens sake. I have no wish to make a thing of it but i have been in several hospitals many times. The only immigrants i have seen are the ones looking after me, doctors, nurses, technical staff, food servers and cleaners

Immigration was not my point. The point is we do not have the health service facilities to cope with these huge numbers and it is not necessary to blame the elderly for all that is wrong somehow. How did I guess I was saying the "wrong" thing?

They are young and come here to work and are fit and healthy. In fact it is quite noticeable that eastern europeans, by and large, put decent food in the trollies in Lidl, English not so much. Hospitals are full of old English patients. Hospital is the only place where i have been described as young

I have not mentioned any nationality nor have I said anything to cause offence! I have merely said that it is not necessary to constantly use the elderly as a scapegoat for the inefficiencies in the NHS! Nobody is prepared to stand up and be counted as to what is wrong with the NHS and it is NOT elderly patients! It has become sort of sacred cow and I have watched its decline after 40 years of working within it!

I didn't say you did but your post was blaming immigration. All i know is the heart and lung bits i go to i am pretty much the youngest at 68 and the immigrants are the ones who work there.

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Defo agree about open borders mean the don’t care about population the have ALSO makes being resource the more really then add that to organ donation.

That’s like icing on the cake ... am not into this duel nationality business SHOULD surrender old passports if want to make life here

Should all be valued NOT shipped in to undermine domestic population civil social rights.

Am English not British but if I was dose that intitle me to duel nationally

hi I really believe that all doctors have taken an oath to care for people, how many doctors are going to say do you hold a British passport, we need to address our present Government, doctors and nurses have no say in the matter. Money for lung research has never been funded well, this has been ongoing for years, which I believe has nothing to do with open borders. This has been a long term problem, maybe we should be thinking on how to raise money for BLF , let's leave the politics to this Government and start to make a difference by raising money for research.

Inamoment in reply to monju

None of them! It has nothing to do with whether you have a british passport or not. The reception people do question people quite closely. Except me, my last appointment the receptionist said Hello peter, you are our 2.15 aren't you

monju in reply to Inamoment

Well at least they know your name.. ☺️

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