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COPD and Chronic bronchitis


Hi, follow these posts from Australia. Just a question. Am 73 female and long time heavy smoker. Am currently trying e-cigarettes. Is there any info on them regarding COPD? Find it extremely difficult to quit. Am reasonably healthy other than this condition. Overweight of course with several bulging discs which makes heavy exercise difficult. Any thoughts on thr ecigs would be appreciated.Mary

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I smoked for 40 odd years or so. My consultant is happy that I use Ecigs rather than the real thing. I used the full strength nicotine products and then gradually reduced the nicotine percentage. I used various oils until I found one that suited me. When I first started I used a replacement patch as well which appeared to help.

Teeky in reply to Badbessie

Thank ypu for your reply. Had not thought of replacementt patch as well and that sounds like a good option. Reading others handling of the disease is a great help to me even though I'm so far away. 😊

Thank you. I think I might need a stronger hit (which is possible) as I find after about 3/4 of day craving a ciggie. Will contact today to see about new oil. I so appreciate the advice 😊😊

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