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Sprimotery tests

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Been to the hospital this morning to see how progressing since when in hospital and they haven’t gone well at all. Just couldn’t do them very well due to struggling with coughing and wheeziness all top of airways. Said they will put on report struggled all way through. I go back July for results when see consultant/respiratory team. Although they think it wouldn’t hurt trying to get an earlier appointment. That’s if you can though.

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Hope you can get an earlier appointment with the consultant. Wishing you well. Xxxx

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san37 in reply to sassy59

Got appointment next Wednesday. Thank you. Take care too x

I hope you can get an earlier appointment san37 . xx 🌿

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san37 in reply to Caspiana

Got appointment next Wednesday

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Hi san37..strange how one geographical area work different to others when I had my sprimotery test I was lucky enough to get results there and then plus a print out of same,true I had to wait for blood results that showed infection that's now resolved ..so I really hope you get your appointment soon,wishing you well,Ger

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san37 in reply to Hidden

Hiya I have an earlier appointment for next Wednesday.

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Aww great try and rest in this hot weather until you appointment and good luck

Will do. Thank you

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