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Weather forecast


Just looked at the forecast for the week ahead and am filled with dread. How do I manage to breathe in the heat? If I can do that then somehow I have to eat and sleep. Good luck to all of you in the same place. With luck see you on the other side. What a bitch I used to love the summer. Watering the garden and then sitting out in it looking at the stars. Appreciating my own work in keeping my garden lovely.

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I know what you mean Patsyann, I try to make sure Pete drinks plenty of water and we try to go out early if we need shopping so as not to be out in the midday sun.

It can be difficult but take care and see you on the other side. Xxx 👍😘

Hi there! I'm like you when years before I loved the hot British summers and if I was very lucky,the good weather would fall upon the Wimbledon season. Nowadays its anyone's guess as to what the weather will give us. I'm with you in that the hot/humid weather is an utter dread for us. So sad and annoying -such sunny weather lovers to be reduced to such a dislike nowadays.

I hope you can try and relax and put a fan on to give you some cool air.

Best wishes.

I'm of the same opinion, as much a I love warm sunny weather these days I struggle to walk far without gasping for breath. On Saturday I had to stop and sit on benches to get my breath back and I was only walking about 150 metres. Though I can normally walk this distance without stopping. Hopefully it was just a bad day. My wife thinks I should get a small mobility scooter that can go in the car boot.


Sorry you are suffering from the heat. Advice is the same as on cold days, take your reliever 15mn before you leave the house or when needed.

To tell you the truth, I am in the south of France where my Mum lives in a care home and it has been hot. I plan my day differently. I am out of my hotel room at 8 am when the supermarket opens.

Saturday I went to the open market to buy fruit and veg, it was already 28 degrees and the city is all uphill. I had to take my reliever a couple of times. It helped and I enjoyed going out, seeing all the stalls. I had my bottle of water.

I don’t want to stay stuck inside. I will make a good coffee in the morning to give me strength to take a shower, get dressed and go. Of course then I avoid the hottest hours of the day.

Take good care x


Get yourself a little battery hand fan and point it across your face to create that cool breeze to breathe in. Works for me, like you I love the summer although these days with high pollen the summer doesn’t love me!!!!!

I agree with you 100%. I used to spend every hour I could in the sun, the hotter the better. Now I only go out in my garden first thing and in the evening. Mind you I went to get my puppy from my south facing garden at 7.45 this morning, and even then the sun was burning. It’s going to be an indoors day today!

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