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Unwanted weight gain 😢


Hi Guys

Since being diagnosed with COPD (50% lung function) I have ballooned from 11st to nearly 18st. This has taken a year and I’m getting desperate to slim down.

I don’t eat more than before and I’ve joined an online group of walkers where I average of 28 kilometres a week (loving my new National Trust Membership) and makes my breathing better but the weigh keeps piling on I’m just about to go up another x on my shirt size.

I have managed to get a referral to council re ‘weight loss’ program but no one seems to work there, just endless voice mails.

I’m looking for sympathy and miracle cures please 😁 but I know what you’ll all say, maybe I just need to hear it ‘en-mass’

Best Wishes on a beautifully sunny day in North Yorkshire 😁


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Are you on Meds , some can cause weight gain , maybe your feeling depressed and are eating more tha. You think you are , or it could be because your not as active as you were , that you need to change to a healthy diet, I'm on steroids ,and have been, eating healthy lots of veg no processed foods , whole meal bread , just try changing your diet , good luck I know it's hard

Hi have you had this checked out by your doctor? Is it possible you have an under active thyroid or something as this can cause a lot of weight gain.

There is a good weight loss site on here so why not join it? Good luck. x

Taking steroids can increase your appetite and lead to weight gain,they did for me. I now have a low fat diet with plenty of fruit and veg, no pastry or battered fish , eat skinless chicken. It's done wonders for my digestive system too . May be worth a try.

I had a similar problem last year, went from 32" waist to 36" Consultant at Hospital put me on 'Bumetanide' (water Tablets) wonderful result, they reduced my size,my weight and improved my breathing.

I have the same problem, since first having symptoms of bronch 5 yrs ago I have went from size 12 to size 18. I eat healthier than I did then and I find that the extra weight is effecting my breathing. Also the top of my stomach is hard which I thought was odd.

I went to the Dr and they didn’t examine me, he said that weight doesn’t matter and to be happy (very odd Dr) then he said it’s IBS!!

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How was IBS diagnosed without examination or referral? Odd doc indeed.

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He asked me about my toilet habits (which haven’t changed) and then said It was IBS.

Have you seen Secret Eaters? It's about people who want to lose weight and are sure they eat healthily. Maybe if you carefully wrote down every single thing you ate or drank for a week yout might be cosuming more than you think. The only way that weight increases is by eating more than you need

Yes, follow Inamoment's advice and write a food diary of everything you eat and drink. Then highlight everything you've eaten and drunk that has been manufactured, and replace that in future with foods that are natural. For instance - drink coca cola? - change to tea and coffee, milk OK, no sugar. Eat pizzas? - change to portion of meat or egg with salad and jacket or new potatoes. Eat sweets and crisps? - change to fruit or a few nuts.

All the best.

And read labels. For instance Lidl do a yummy plain yogurt, big tub, which is low in sugar. They also do a yummy big tub of vanilla yogurt which has a ton of sugar. Things like baked beans are too sweet for me

Have you tried Slimming World? Put my partner on it slowly and he has lost 3 stone over the last couple of years. Have a look on line to see what it is about as it is not a "Diet" it is a "Plan". Can eat a lot of food but the right food. Give it a try.

Bread and sugar have been my downfall. I have been 8 stone 4 for most of my adult life. I can see my weight sneaking up when I grab the baggy clothes in the morning. Apart from trying to cut down on the bread and sugar I find exercise better at keeping the pounds at bay. I walk at snails pace these days but do try to keep going. Believe me it is an effort. I don't have need for Steroids anymore but I have heard they can bulk you up. Good luck, don't get depressed about it, you sound like a lovely person.

I'm with you, friend. I'm getting good advice thanks to your question just reading the replies. I have found that I eat tons of "comfort" food. I think our illness has me use it as an excuse. (Heck, Im sick and have fewer days, so may as well throw caution to...). Which is of course madness considering we can add many good years to this journey if we take care of ourselves. Well, feeling guilty makes me want to eat junk, so I'll just go for a walk and drink some water. :)

Hi Simon I have had emphysema over 20 years (a smoker for nearly 50!) My entire life I was thin & struggled to gain weight. I with smoking 3 years ago. My spirometry has worsened & I have gained 3 stone! I have other medical issues heart block etc but my GP referred me to the local gym because of cardiopulmonary & muscle loss. I eat no more than 1700 calories a day & still gained. This is my first week of training in the gym with aqua aerobics in-between. From that, I have lost 3 pounds and quite encouraged to lose more. Not being active & drugs is my demise but I can empathize with you. Talk to your doctor & ask for help. Wishing you all the best

Correction: I quit smoking

I know how you feel I have gained Round 3.5 stone since my last lung reduction operation all the meds intake plus I’m on Oxygen now Ambiglatory 3.5 litres I’m waiting to start Rehab I’m not has active but that’s down to Oxygen levels

Plus I have had prostrate cancer had all the hormone treatment for 6 months plus 39 sessions of radio therapy ending up with radiation burns in my back passage then all this weight gain but hey we have to carry on and do the best we can

I too gained weight tbis year through being ill and not able to get about as good as usual. I have rejoined slimming world and have lost 6.5 lbs in 3 weeks.

You should give it a try as you can eat normal food. All meat must be lean with all visible fat removed. You can eat potatoes and pasta, bread and milk is limited. You get a allowance for syns, for me its 5 - 15 which means I can have a chocolate biscuit but not the whole packet lol. I strongly recommend this healthy style of eating.

If you have facebook there is a group called pinchofnom that is similar to follow and is free.

My daughter, who is a care worker, tells me that water retention can cause a huge weight increase, a lot more than i would have thought. Still worth doing an accurate food diary though

Same here, all my life on the Thin Side, always Sporty, Size 10 , weighing 50 kilos. Since , COPD and all the Meds, Especially Steroids, Oxygen, Long term Antibiotics, I have increased to 68 kilos, size 14/16, I'm always Dieting and Exercising as I cannot go any Bigger as I await my call for Transplant (on list 2 years). I have had 5 Courses of Rehab, which is Excellent for Building up Lung Strength. Just had 5 Valves inserted, feeling less SOB. My Friend who has had her Double Lung Transplant has shot up to 77 kilos and been told off by her Transplant Doctor, She is now on a Strict Diet. I would love to go back to Rehab but I have to wait my Turn (call back each year) some areas can have Rehab continued, here in my Area, they don't have enough RESP Physio /Nurses. So I continue with my Breathe Easy Group Exercise Monday, and My Wednesday Gym, home also. Good Luck to everyone Trying to Lose weight. Stay Positive . XXXX