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OMG 😮 What A Farse Hospital Physiotherapist Was


What a joke my appointment was re numb arms dodgy knee.

Like really how is standing like a tea pot going to cure my knee and lack of sensation in my arm as well A’s numbness.

Hallo ... where is was my induction test GOSH well he got both barrels and my gp is going to an all.

Truly is pits as with dodgy lungs you get chest pains given all lung coughing up you do AND to have arm pain numbness WELL anyone with half marble would think it’s the heart and the having heart attack.

Anyway I was NOT to hard on guy but did let him know AM far from happy.

And to be honest he was stumped 🤔 and kept levering room to ask advice.

So what do I know WELL my arm as loss of sensation and I did not screem when he nearly riped my arm off.

As to cause WELL lot of running out of the room and head scratching.

So going to see my GP also back there in 3 weeks

Picture well that’s as good as it gets for NOW

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Oh dear, that is a disappointment JAS but maybe the physio is doing his best. Could it be nerve pain? May be worth looking into.

Wishing you well xxxxx

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Defo right about nerves defo got on mine this farse MY gp said was induction test SO was annoyed to start.

Have been there few times and wiggle of the leg ant fixing nout.

It’s just a fob off really all this NHS gateway rubbish💩

Have been sick I’ll long enough to know when something not right and at reciveing end of gateway palative treatment.

sassy59 in reply to Hidden

Thinking of you and don’t let them fob you off. Xxxx

I bet your GP loves you! 🤣

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I don’t really care if the do or don’t really .. they have there job and I have mine so to speak.

In my time at GP’s practice I have been threatened with my driving licence AND had fact I care for my dad used against me.

Full of dirty tricks are really so have to treat them with content they rightly deserve.

Hi Jeff I had to laugh at the thought of you standing like a tea pot, joking aside this physio idea these days seems like a fob off in many cases. I am doing Physio for my previous shoulder injury but feel a bit like you, I have now been referred to a pain clinic , but even that seems strange as the choices site say it should be somewhere else very confusing, afraid help with pain is very much DIY these days or addictive painkillers which the government don't really want you to take. The numbness is a different matter think that should be investigated , it could be a sign of something more serious as you suggest yourself. Anyway have Physio today & pain management clinic in July. Going away for a few days in August, could do with longer break really but it's better than no break like yourself and others on this site. Stay cool when you see the GP but make sure he/she understands your not impressed with treatment.

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Hi Katie defo seems like fob off really WENT there and I knew it was going to be like that song.

You know ONE where you wave your hands in the air like you don’t care.

But like you say in all seriousness that’s how all my trouble started 5 years ago WAS same thing stoped me working THEN I ended up with sepsis rash and pneumonia.

What happened then is not going to happen again AS to pain is defo irritating for sure as you too aware.

Anyway don’t forget to wave your hands in the air next time at physo like you don’t care AND enjoy ya jollies HAVE vodka orange 🍊 for me.

katieoxo60 in reply to Hidden

Not sure about Vodka & orange, but vodka & lime might fit the bill or a large glass of wine, or perhaps a double whisky :) . I'll make sure I wave my hands at physio that way they might notice the swollen joints or mishapened shoulder joint. Or maybe I should take my shoes off so they can see my gouty toe joint too. Could do with a selfy xray machine to keep the facts upto date. :) :) I still smile against all odds and enjoy hols and social outings. Bye for now

Yup, the NHS physio treatment wasn't even offered me for my damaged shoulder cuff - just told it would get better with time, but not to so the things that make it hurt (driving, playing keyboards, working at computer). I'm lucky enough to be able to afford private physio treatment which made an immediate improvement with massage, acupuncture and exercises. The physio I see was astounded that I had never had any follow up after dislocating my shoulder in 1977 and the initial treatment then.

I also use an osteopath at times when I think there may be some problems with the joints.

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Hi Ergendl gosh defo been through it ... nothing surprises me with nhs THINK it’s luck of the draw really.

Physo never bothered me it was numbness when he tried ripping arm off MY other arm well I did yelp when he did same with that.

I just want em to get to bottom of it as pain as am sure you know is defo iratatin and make you quite sharp.

Told GP pain killers are not answer and to be fair the not never have touched eased it.

Am sure all get there in end ITs all waiting dose your beanzs in.

Don't waist your time find acupuncturist.

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Wish was that simple doc did X-rays and it’s not trapped nerve DON’t think acupuncture would help with numbness sensation issues.

Ok but think would . But I am a fan the osteopathi too and revolting green cream Holland & Baret made of fishy biits .rgd

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