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COPD Vastly come on


Please can anyone advise me if happened to others.

I have been an asthmatic for 52yrs since age of 7, everyday taken a preventor and a reliever, over the years when had infections has taken time to get over has got older more, i was hospitalised 5 times over all those years.

March this year 2018 I came down with a chest infection, and have spent 4wk in hospital over a 7wk period, after 11 courses of antibiotics and 12 lots of steroids still could not get the breathing under control, on nebulisers continuously through the day,after ct Scans, blood tests, X-rays, Sprimotery breathing tests the said it was all inflammation on lungs and due to the damage and scarring etc they now diagnose with COPD, said after 52yr of being an asthmatic it’s tajen it’s toll. The only way they could get the breathing under control was the intravenous restricted toxic drip for 42hr.

But my question is after 40yr of working full time, good social life, able to do daily tasks etc upto March this year and now can only walk upto 120ft but that has progressed from 30 the other week, to feeling tired all the time, and when do anything get out of breath, and pain in lower back and between shoulder blades how come this comes on do vast.

I would like to say I’m moderate copd and to be truthful last year I noticed a few of these signs and when walking, and going upstairs and exerting but never thought it would progress to copd. I was a smoker about 5aday and packed up 24yr ago. Also lung disease is in my family too which are now deceased.

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Welcome to you san37, sorry you’re not doing so well and I hope you’re getting lots of help and support.

This is a very caring forum so I hope you get more replies soon. Xxxx

san37 in reply to sassy59

Thank you x

Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. The most important number in your copd is your FEV1 (lung function). Do you know this figure? This will determine what stage you are at. If you don't know this or are confused why not make an appointment to see your nurse or doctor? x

san37 in reply to hypercat54

Hi they said I was stage 2

Hi sorry to hear about your problems. Chest infections can take a long while for the lungs to recover from. It may be the case that your lungs have not fully recovered yet. I am moderate and after a chest infection it takes a while for me to get back on track and fully feel myself. The one thing that I would suggest to you is asking for pulmonary rehabilitation. It's not all about exercise but part of the course is education about medications and your condition.

san37 in reply to Badbessie

Thank you. I did read about the pulmonary rehab and was going to ask the consultant in July when go back to the hospital. Much appreciated


Hi, so sorry to hear of your rapid downhill trip. There are treatments out there that could help depending on your age, there is lung transplants, lung reduction, lung coils & lung valves, then there is stem cell any of these should help. Some you would have to private but some are on NHS. Talk to your GP and he/she should be able to refer you to a specialist. For stem cell you may well have to go out of the country, check out site "Clinical Trials" which may get to USA, Germany, Asia etc.



Hi again, sorry got it wrong try "Clinical Connection"


san37 in reply to lKeith

Much appreciated

Yes, I too was told that 50 plus years of having Asthma has taken its toll. Had Asthma all my life, controlled most of the time, but infections and allergies were a pain. Now all my lung condition which was classed as Restricted, as in Asthma, is now Obstructed, or fixed, as in COPD. Under the Severe Asthma Clinic at Addenbrookes in Cambridge.

I must admit that I was quite angry when I found out because the Asthma Nurse always told me I was doing a very good job managing my Asthma. So how did I end up like this? It is all those nasty infections over the years that have damaged the lungs. I am sure there is much more to it than that. This is sometimes known as COPD Overlap, amongst other things I can't remember. Anyway, if I can help, just let me know. You are not alone.

san37 in reply to WheezyAnne

All what you say is how I felt and feel. Once lungs scarred and damaged no repair. Pleased I joined this site as you do feel alone at times and just got to get over this flare up and learn how to live Day to day good and bad days. Thank you

Hi San37, it sounds like you have had a rotten time of it just lately, I know what you mean about things coming on quickly. I had a cold in December which then turned nasty and never really left me. The consultant thinks it is an allergy so I took antihistamine, which was fab, cleared the mucus, helped the cough etc but only take it once per week as it wipes me out. If I have this again I will take antihistamine first. We are all different so need a doctor who deals with our specific lung disease as alot of doctors just dont understand the complications we have. I do hope that things settle down and you get back on track. Keep us updated. Irene x

san37 in reply to Izb1

Thank you for your reply. hope you do too.

Hi, sounds like the story of my life. I am 71 yrs old now been on Ventolin since I was 28 yrs and spiriva since I was 35 yrs old. Ventolin is ineffective now and I am still searching for a replacement. I am sorry to inform you that soon you will start to experience severe breathing difficulties that are called exasabations which in my case can last for up to 4 hours. I have always contracted pneumonia at the drop of a hat. I eat well and take supplements of vitamins A,C,E. I eat lots of sweet potatoes and carrots. No dairy. So far its been over 4 years since my last pneumonia attack. I also 1-2 cloves of raw garlic s day. The more you can exercise the better. Good luck.

san37 in reply to normking2001

Thank you for your reply. You take care too

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