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PSD and bronchiasias diagnoses

My daughter have had on going problems since her birth after a traumatic distressful birth, firstly I was told it was a chest infection and she swallowed meconium, 3 weeks after being in SCBU she came home for two days to be readmitted with pneumonia and left lung collapse and upper lung lobe right lung collapse and went on to have a fundlipicatilon and she’s gastrostomy fed, she’s 9 years old now and she’s my little star, today Iv had the devastating news she got either one or the other of lung disease bronchiectasas or PSD (rare mutation of genes) (Kartenger syndrome) if there anyone out there that can share any information or support with me il be so greatful ❤️

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What a lot for your daughter to deal with. I feel for you too and hope someone will be able to offer help and advice. Sending hugs. Xxxx

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She’s always been a fighter but as a mother as you can imagine I’m so worried as I do t understand the whole illness and wer still waiting for a scope and biopsies 😞 thank you so much for the reply xxx


I'm so sorry as individuals we become consumed with health problem I get days wen it's all poor me. But when I hear of kids suffering it breaks my heart and puts things into perspective hope you get all the help and support u need my heart goes out to you xo


Thank you Iv been a mess the last 3 weeks as all of this has come about 😥 she’s a little fighter she’s gone through the mill and she’s the most resilient little girl I don’t understand the whole diagnoses got to wait for a scope and biopsies now xxx


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