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Summer cold, no chest infection


I have somehow managed to catch a cold. I have no idea how I picked it up as I am fanatical about hand washing, wiping down surfaces etc. It's a bit dispiriting to say the least that all my obsessive precautions were all for nothing.

Like all of us, I absolutely dread chest infections, my temp goes sky high and I feel really ill. My breathing was awful for weeks after the last one and the cough lingers on for a very long time.

This time, miraculously, no chest infection. This is the sixth day and all I have left is a stuffy nose and a very slight cough.

I've been racking my brains about anything I've been doing differently that would possibly stop a cold developing into a nasty bout of bronchitis and I can't think of a thing other than the weather.

I wondered if anyone else had an explanation

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Good evening Wageslave . Sorry that I've not got anything constructive to say but I'm glad to hear you are most definitely on the mend! We all dread catching a cold and I am just like you in that I try and re-trace my steps as to where and when I've caught it.

Hopefully you'll be back to normal in a day or two!

I'm absolutely fine, it's been like my pre-Copd colds, a nuisance for a few days and then its over.

I honestly thought every cold would now lead to a chest infection so I'm ecstatic but puzzled.

Do colds not always make you ill?

O2Trees in reply to Wageslave

No, not automatically. I very seldom get sick from a head cold - it usually stays up in my head and I feel like sh*t but just in the way of a normal cold. It's other kinds of viruses which turn into chest infections for me.

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Wageslave in reply to Hidden

Hay fever is common when you have copd, our respiratory symptoms are altered. Stuff that didn't bother us before makes us Poorly now.

I thought it was hay fever too but it lasted exactly as long as a cold and the pollen count here is still sky high.

Can you fight off hay fever?

I have the symptoms of a cold at the moment, sneezing, runny nose alternating with stuffy nose as well as more mucus and a cough but I don't feel as I've got a cold. I'm not feverish and my head doesn't feel bunged up so l think it's probably pollen related. I've never had hay fever but there's always a first time I suppose. I'm going to mention it to the doc when I next see him, and am thinking of trying an antihistamine in the meantime - but only if it gets any worse.

It depends on how much muscus you have. Antihistamines (amongst other things) thicken muscus which can lead to chest infections when you have copd. Having said that I took a couple when I thought it was hay fever and they helped

Hello Wageslave .

Although unfortunate you caught a cold, it is very fortunate that you haven't had it go to your chest. Sometimes, our immune system is stronger than at other times perhaps.

Sending warm wishes.😊

Cas xx 🌸

I don’t think it is possible to completely avoid catching things. I can’t believe how many people don’t cover their mouths when they cough! (Or sneeze). One thing that did occur to me is that if you have no chest infection perhaps it’s something else like allergic rhinitis? I dont know where you live but the pollen count here has been very high lately. Take care.

Spacecat1 in reply to Rayswife

I used to panic when I get a cold but slowly started to realise I have my emergency panic of antibiotics and hot lemons ready. And my lovely partner there to make sure I'm doing as I am told like resting and sleeping to let my body recuperate at its own speed. I do go to Doctors if I felt not getting better. But so far im listening to advice from everyone. So plenty rest and relax but if you feel its getting worse get straight up the doctors. They do listen.

Hi Wageslave, I think you are reacting to the very high pollen count. I have bronchiecstacis and am experiencing cold like symptoms. Take care. Love Lizzy

Please stop being fanatical with your antibacterial sprays etc. You have got to have a bit of "muck" to build your immune system. When we wa kids we played outside with worms etc and did we get sick like kids today ???

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