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Lung transplant


Hi, it's been 3 weeks since my transplant and I've been given a miracle. I have even been home for the weekend although I was in pain a lot of the time, it was controllable but I was ready to come back to the hospital yesterday, I feel safe here. I am recovering really quickly wich I feel scary but puts a massive smile on my face. The main thing is I can breath?vans it's the strangest thing getting puffed!

My medication is changing all the time and the tests are numerous but obviously all needed. Mostly I thank my doner and their family,what a gift I have received. Stay strong everyone xx

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Hoping you grow stronger every day southy. Brilliant news. Xxxx

southy in reply to sassy59

Thank you sassy x

Spacecat1 in reply to sassy59

It has been suggested to me about a lung transplant but keep changing the subject I'm so frightened of the idea of a big operation. I have had a big operation before. I'm worried about it not being close to my family in Birmingham. People keep saying have to go to London for operation. I know hubby will be with me he gave up work to care for me. I know I am relatively young 58 years. But don't know what to say to consultant do you feel more human afterwards.

Hi, that’s wonderful news and very encouraging for anyone waiting for the same. Its understandable that you feel safe where you are, after all, they have given you your life back, so to speak. I hope you keep improving and you’re home soon. Love and best wishes for a happy, healthy future. X

southy in reply to CELAT06

Thanks celato6

Wow that's fantastic and I hope you are soon home for good. x

southy in reply to hypercat54

Thanks hypercat54

🎉💜🎉 WOW!! Congratulations! Long may your new breathing continue! Enjoy your day! Sounds as though the hospital is looking after you well 👍

southy in reply to Yatzy

They are and thank you breathezee


Hoing you keep growing stronger by the day and are soon home. It's a wonderful gift you have received, take care and please keep us updated. 😊 Bernadette xx

Thanks I will bernadette x

How plifting to hear your wonderful news southy. I am so thrilled for you. What a beautiful gift - priceless.

With love


What a wonderful uplifting post to be able to read. Thank you so much for posting. Congratulations on making a new life for yourself with the help of some dedicated people.😀

Sounds like your making good progress which is wonderful to hear. Are you in Harefield it's where I'm listed x

hopefully Southy the trips out of hospital will become longer and the need to go back less and then your new life can begin in earnest.good luck in your recovery.......Ski's and Scruff's x

Hi southy, Wishing you a speedy recovery.

John aka 🐑🐃🐑

Oh terrific news that you're already making such good progress. Onwards and upwards for you.

Take your time and dont try to do too much,although I'm sure the doctors are being very vigilant. Please keep telling us how you are (whenever you feel like it).

Best wishes!

Good luck with your recovery . Really great news!;)🍇🍇💐💐


Best wishes Majt xxx

Can picture that big lovely smile.

Wow! I'm so pleased for you. I expect it will take a while to get all your medications sorted out so I send you my very best wishes for a gentle but strong recovery.

I don't think folks realise how important it is to either be on the donor register &/or to let families know of your wishes. My family and I have always had cards or on the register. We would be over the moon to think that a little piece of us could live on and save a life or three.

Bravo to you Southy, it's fantastic news 💐💐💐💐💐

So very happy for you. I have been on the register to donate for many, many years. x

I am so, so happy for you southy . Your post has made my day. 😊 Thank you for sharing. Please keep us posted.

Lots of love to you.

Cas xx 🌸🌻

That’s brilliant news. I’m sure you’ll get stronger every day.

Hi Southy, Brilliant News. You will get Stronger and start planning your Future . My Friend and I were in Assessment together over 2 years ago, She got a Match almost immediately, and has got stronger every day. I'm still Listed hence why I have just had valves inserted into my right Lung, it's my 3rd Day home and I'm Breathing Better, not gasping as before. Sending you lots of Love and Keep strong and Positive Dear Southy, You & Your Donor are very Special People. Love n Hugs. Carolina xxxx

It's good to hear such brilliant news, I'm very happy for you. It must be a bit scary leaving hospital at first but I'm sure your confidence will soon begin to grow a little each time you go home. Hope it won't be too long before you -'can't wait to get out of there'. Very best wishes to you xx💐

Well done, keep up the exercises such good news.


Good news southy,maybe just remember one step at a time,walk before run etc,you sound very upbeat which is great,keep up the good work and yes there are some marvellous people out there and on here,good luck.

so, so happy for you - breathe easy xxx

Wonderful news - can see your smile from here 😃!!!!

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