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33 year old woman post pneumonia with dull ache in left shoulder and arm the oppisite side from pnemonia lung


Hi, im a 33 year old woman who smoked a pack a day for 15 years. i was diagnosed with pneumonia 1 month ago (had consolidation in the right lower lube X-ray) i had sharp pain in the heart legion- upper left side. after a week of taking antibiotics i felt better. in the last two weeks i have a dull ache, burning sensation, week feeling from my shouler and all my left arm. its constant pain that doesnt change during activity or night. i can sleep and work as usual. im going to my doc in a week (wainting 3 weeks). anyone expeirance the same symptoms? thankyou

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Your symptoms could be related to your pneumonia. However your symptoms could also be related to other conditions such as reflux or muscular connective tissue issues. Sadly no-one can diagnose online so my advice would be to see your GP to review your symptoms.

hillipomi in reply to Badbessie

thank you for your answer.

i went to my GP. my second x ray post pneumonia came back clear. since my last post i have tingaling sensation in my left arm, and a bit of tingaling sensastion in my left leg and left side of my face. i still have discomfort/dull pain in my left upper chest , shoulder and scapula. 4 days ago i felt my left inguinal lymph node swollen (about 2 cm) , left submandibular lymph node, left cervical lymph nodes (about 1 cm) and worst of all the right supraclavicular lympe node (about 1 cm). in adiition i had bronchitis in the last 3 weeks with a productive cough (green). now my couthing getting better. my GP said it my be a virus and didnt think much of it. but in a 2 weeks i have an appointment with a lung specialist. im very worried. i know no one can diagnose me on line but im looking for some reassurence or some adive.

thank you

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