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URGENT - Advice sought on buying a nebuliser (Asthma)

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Greetings! I have chronic and severe Asthma, am based in the UK, and my trusty old nebuliser unit (Allersearch VitalAir Nebuliser Pump) which I use regularly at the moment, is old, and sounds as if it might die at any moment, so I need to obtain a replacement unit ASAP.

I need a unit that is relatively portable, so that I can take it with me on trains and aeroplanes etc., and ideally it will be able to operate internationally. Does anyone have any recommendations for any nebulisers that might be suitable, and any warnings of any nebulisers that I should avoid? I would like to keep the cost as low as possible, but as my Asthma is severe and I get acute attacks, the most important considerations are that the nebuliser be reliable (ie., not be likely to break down) and effectively deliver salbutamol nebules to my lungs quickly.

I have looked online for independent reviews of nebulisers, but could not see any.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and healthy day. Thank you for reading.

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Have a look at


Read the blog.

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Naomical in reply to stone-UK

Thank you for your reply stone-UK - I have already seen that website and found it interesting. Have a beautiful day.

I can highly recommend the Phillips Innospire Go, it’s the best I’ve had. Used it for 6 months now & it gets a lot of use (salbutamol x 4 daily, ipratropium x 4 daily, normal saline x 2 daily.) It’s silent, fast, easy to clean & so far very reliable. I bought it from Evergreen. They’re very helpful if you have any queries.

I’ve also got a Phillips I-neb on loan, but you can only get one of those if you nebulise Promixin antibiotic. For bronchodilators I prefer the Innospire anyway.

Hope this helps!

Ps of course you’d be able to get a new compressor one free on NHS from your local hospital. I’ve got a pari-boy as emergency backup. But those compressors are so noisy. These new portable nebs are very discreet (though beware, you look as if you’re “vaping” 😊)

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Naomical in reply to Hanne62

Thank you Hanne62, this is very helpful. Have a beautiful day.

I've just bought a Omron NE-C28P Compressor Nebuliser from Amazon, It came yesterday I haven't even opened it yet, I need to speak to my respiratory nurse to find out what to put in it.

I notice it's gone up in price since I bought it, now £51.89 but there are nearly 500 reviews on it which made interesting reading.

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Naomical in reply to Don-1931

Thank you Don-Rhymer. This is very helpful. Good luck and have a beautiful day.

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Lizzyblue in reply to Naomical

I bought an Omron portable

Which is good

If a nebuliser is needed it should be free on NHS. Joy.

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WheezyAnne in reply to Joy123

It should be, but unfortunately they aren't. I had to buy mine.

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Lizzyblue in reply to WheezyAnne

They dont give them away now

I bought an moron microair pocket nebuliser about 6 years ago. It’s expensive - was around £100 but it’s super quick and very quiet. It’s also discreet so easy to

Use on public transport.

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Naomical in reply to MarieW-F

Thank you MarieW-F. This is helpful. Have a beautiful day.

I bought myself the Omron nebuliser which i use with Salbutimol. Mine is battery because i have a Motorhome & wanted something portable which i could use when i was on my travels without the need of recharging or electric. My batteries 2xAA last a good while if you use good ones but then it depends how often you use it. Mine was £89.00 but there are cheaper ones. Ask at your pharmacy as i did. Hope you get one to suit.

Really? If they prescribe the medicine surely they should give you the means to take it. I’d battle for one. I use home oxygen and everything possible was put in the way of me having a home concentrator and a mobile one. I didn’t give up, think I got what I wanted in the end to shut me up. Haha!! Joy.

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