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Pneumonia help hyperinflated lungs?


Hi again everyone I’m still struggling so bad the pains I’m feeling radiating through my chest especially when I breath in is really bad and especially if I try and work, just out of hospital following pneumonia, they are really scaring me, they have given me morphine to take but I don’t want to take too much because of the constipation and the falling asleep all the time, I noticed on my notes it said hyperinflated lungs is there anything else I can do to help ease it, ive never had pneumonia so don’t know what the pain is like it’s attacking my anxiety so bad constantly reminding me I can’t breath properly thanks again in advance everyone😰😰😰

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Did you contact the district nurse? If not do give them a ring or call your GP for a home visit. I don't know if there is anything they can do to ease this for you but being seen will be reassuring if nothing else. x

carolg1 in reply to mrsmummy

Hi Mrs mummy yes I rang her she says she will call n see me next week keep resting and take painkillers 😰 xx not much advice really for now ....

mrsmummy in reply to carolg1

Perhaps time to call the GP or 111 then. Good luck.

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