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oxygen sats - 80%

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So last saturday i was in the hospital with heart palpitations, dizziness, chest pain and breathlessness. they rushed me in from triage and did an ECG straight away, and it came up clear, however over the course of me being there my oxygen sats kept dropping down to 80% and the machine was beeping like crazy but the nurses never once checked the beeping since my ECG was clear. Over the next few days i have been extremly dizzy and breathless on and off. should i be worried?

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If you are feeling unwell still the best advice would be to see your GP for follow up. It seems strange that your oxygen saturation would just drop as they did and there could be a number of causes from machine error, physical or psychological factors. As your symptoms come and go the safest bet is your GP as no one can diagnose online.

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My sats drop to 80 regularly & in March I keeled over hit my head on a tile floor and woke up again 2 hrs later. My friend was coming to visit & when she saw the huge lump on my head rushed me to hospital where I was admitted. My sats were 68 at the time & was rushed to HDU. After CT & MRI scans it was dicovered as well as COPD i had CCF with the result that I took oxygen in but heart not strong enough to dispose of carbon dioxide in my system. Now on permanent oxygen & a machine that breathes for me at night. Please go to see your GP & get him to arrange tests on your heart. This time last year i was perfectly healthy and didn't think I would end up permanently confined to my home because I am no longer allowed to drive. Take care of yourself & please go to GO. J

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