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Advise on second hand portable oxygen machines please.


Hi ,

I am new to this forum,and I would really appreciate some advise on purchasing a second hand pre demo portable oxygen machine for my mum who lives in Hungary and unfortunately have limited opsion son this expensive equipments.... My mum has stage 4 copd and looking to buy prefebly eclipse 5 with Continuous flow and provide 3 liter/ minute portable oxygen machine.Would any of you can advise me where to look for a used one? I looked on eBay and a few more places but I rather avoid doggy company’s from China if it’s possible.....

Looking forward to hear from you all.

Many thanks


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Choice of three.

Always check for suitability, if buying second hand ask for service records or any maintenance invoices. This will tell you hours used.

Thank you very much,will give it a try👍


The cheap products from China only produce 30% oxygen purity’, not the 97% you get from branded products.


Oxygen purity to 29(+/-2)% , life standard clean rich oxygen supply.

Inamoment in reply to stone-UK

That's ridiculous, little more than you get without a machine

Be careful if coming from China , I have heard bad reviews , I'm saving to buy a new one , they come with three years warranty I know they are expensive , but at the moment I'm struggling as the canister is to heavy for me and runs out to quickly

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