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The dreaded MOT.


Alas my poor old Campervan

Has failed to pass the test.

Perhaps she's just decided

That it's time to have a rest.

Midge and I have sat in her

And travelled many miles.

She's given us so much pleasure

And caused us many smiles.

We've looked for a replacement,

But found none that really did.

And even those that came quite close

Cost thirty thousand quid!

So Campers gone to the garage,

For an injection of some cash.

To bring her back to life again,

And give her some panache.

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I know the feeling! Hope the injection goes well. Pete

Don-1931 in reply to PMRPete

Needs a bit of welding underneath. One of the disadvantages of living so close to the salty sea.

Hope it's just a short and not too expensive course of treatment Master and camper van is discharged soon in time for summer outings..........Ski's and Scruff's x

Don-1931 in reply to skischool

I have a trusted garage that I've used for 30 or more years so I know she will be well looked after and will be back home in 3 or 4 days. Have you got any further in buying a set of wheels?

skischool in reply to Don-1931

No i have not investigated yet,something small like a Citroen c4 airflow or maybe a little Suzuki ignis,both appeal the latter having 4 w/d for the winter and are not expensive or maybe i should just get a new tractor for the Finca :) x

Don-1931 in reply to skischool

Good luck with your choice, Skis. Hope they give you a good deal. ;-)

skischool in reply to Don-1931

Don i shall do it under the Motability scheme so i will be govt funded so to speak though if i go upmarket i don't mind chucking in a sizeable advance payment,hopefully my next self funded vehicle will be left hand drive with enough space to carry olives and almonds :)....dreaming Ski's x

Get well soon trusty camper van. Hope you’re back on the road again in no time. Xxxxx

Too right Don! We have a 2005 caravan and we love it. We have looked at newer ones out of interest and so far we haven't come across one that has a similar layout to ours, which we picked specifically. We have everything we could want in it and extras have been put out in as well so we're happy with it. We would have to pay around the 20K mark to even just replace what we've got. Frankly I think it's a bit of a mugs game and some of the people that buy these new very expensive vans only go out in them a fortnight a year! What a waste of money. Some of the yarns you hear on these camping sites makes your mind boggle. I think you connect your memories to our little homes on wheels as well!

You have a very smart looking campervan and as you have said you and Midge have travelled a few miles in it, why not a few more? 😁

Happy days!

I bought a little 2009 Freedom caravan last autumn to tow behind the campervan to give me more space on long stays. I call her Annie (short for Annex). ;-)

Annie31 in reply to Don-1931

Love it!

Hope you get your wheels back soon. I'm trying to get my wife to let me get a VW T2 campervan but she's not very keen.

Don-1931 in reply to Pantani

Thanks Pantani . Although I call mine a campervan it's more like a small motorhome with it's bathroom, flush toilet, shower, hot and cold water, central heating. on-board water tanks etc. At my age I need those things now. :-)

Pantani in reply to Don-1931

Id love one like yours but I've always wanted a VW T2 as its such an iconic vehicle. Also it will fit on my parking space.

Don-1931 in reply to Pantani

My camper fits in a normal parking space. The only drawback is it won't fit under height barriers. I was parked in Whitby last year and an immaculate WWT2 was parked right in front of me with the family getting ready to leave. I congratulated the chap on the wonderful condition of his van when he told me it was on hire from a firm in Yorkshire. I was so surprised that I didn't take a photo before he drove off.

😁well Don that was good as usual. I wish your campervan a speedy recovery and more happy smiles on the clock. Take care 🤞😊xxx

Hope your trusty campervan is safely back on the road soon and that you and Midge share many happy miles in future jaunts 😊.


You have kept it well Don, it shouldn’t need much. All shiny. Midge is staring: do we have a flat tyre?

Hope you can have lots more fun in it!!

Have a nice evening x


No flat tyre, Fan, the van weighs quite heavy compared with a caravan and the wheels sink in the gravel. More likely Midge's boy friend has left a message for her on my wheel. She gets a lot of s-mail.

In our case, Don, we are the ones

to fail our MOTs.

We’ve had to sell our mobile’s all down to the wheeze!

And to be fair, the country air can be a snare-and goes straight to my knees!

But I do hope yours receives reprieves

and is returned post haste

and you andMidge stock up the fridge

the coffee and the teas.

Get away, my man, in your camper van

and touring time don’t waste!

All the best.

By the way-if you were a faithful rhymer,

you would surely have a Hymer!

But like ours the one you keep’s a

sturdy AutoSleeper.

Don-1931 in reply to Kandi2

Sorry you had to give up your motorhome, that must have been quite hard.

I hope to get mine back real soon and continue as the roaming bard.

Best wishes, Don & Midge.

I hope the injection will bring her back to you Don. 😊 Take good care. xx 🙋🐕

Oh no, Don, you and Midge must be lost without your beloved camper vans. All those memories, and memories still to be made!

When we bought our new caravan last year I looked at some campervans. Some of them are like palaces on wheels. Mind you, you could buy a small house for the price!

Get well soon, campervan.

She still has it .... looks a very smart little motorhome worth spending a few quid on her 🤙

Morning Dear Don, Well, what a Coincidence , My Hubby has just taken our old car to have all its bits repaired after failing the MOT on Saturday Morning. We hope to trade it in for a nice new one. I entered a Competition (a phone in) for a Brand new VW Camper Van based on the original design. The Competition was with BGT on ITV. Fingers Crossed I win and that it won't cost too much for our old car Repairs. Love Carolina XXX

Don-1931 in reply to Hacienda

Wow! Good luck with the comp for the VW Camper, that will be worth a few bob.

Lovely poem. Hope the campervan does not cost too much to sort out.

Hope the garage can fix her up, Don. You'd be lost without her, wouldn't you?! xx Moy

I hope she feels better soon. That kind of injection can be very expensive !

Don-1931 in reply to Carnival567

She's in good hands and whatever it costs she's worth it. ;-)

Mind you, they looked at me a bit funny when I asked what the visiting hours were.

Carnival567 in reply to Don-1931

But you have to make sure they're looking after her well. She's very important!

Oh Don i hope she gets fixed and you can carry on with your travels. We've had a motor home for 9 years and we couldn't be without it x x🚐🚐

Good little Campervan she's not ready for that great scrapheap in the sky yet ! Good one Don. Sheila xx

Don-1931 in reply to mskpjb

The dealer offered me £10,000 for her so there's life in the old girl yet. :-)

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