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Why why why Delilah?


Why I'm i receiving HU emails much later than other people guys or so it seems I've emptied my inbox so no problems there surely.Bit of a bind whend i look at a post and 10,000 members well 20 or so anyway lol have already replied any ideas please I think Stone your good at this sort of stuff ps it's just after 5 in morning and I've been awake most of the night chest C#%* but I'm i going to give in..yes! No no only joking I'll never give in to nasty bugs just a matter of waiting on new meds to kick in. Hope this post while getting email problem sorted raises a smile for some of my virtual friends who at times find it hard to smile,regards Ger

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Athough could just be a glitch in the system, it’s just as likely to be problem with your own internet provider.

My Vodafone iPhone is not as good as my talk talk iPad.

Just confirm that your contact preferences are as you require, click avatar, click settings check details, save any changes.

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Thanks Stone will try those options..many thanks Ger

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