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Sewing it is....


So I have decided to hand sew a 60x50 throw out of my sisters jeans she passed away of a heart attack at age 44 she left behind a son who is a high functioning asperger’s incredibly smart nephew I have. The picture is just my sample of my idea and so I can practice my stitches over the weekend I will be cutting my squares on my board with a rolling cutter. Purpose sort of he will appreciate that his mom wore them they were very close.....hopefully I’ll get some where with it over the weekend. Chat with you on Monday.

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Good on you Docmel,it will be hard work with denim and your hands will probably ache but he will delighted as you will be with what you create,a labour of love indeed.and a lovely tribute to your sister.keep us informed of both yours and the throws wishes Ski's and Scruffy x

Well done docmel - look forward to seeing more. Have a good weekend and don't forget to post if you do need to. This is such a cool project :)

An amazing idea, and it's a project that you can pick up and put down easily .

I managed to get to my local wool shop, with difficulty but I made it, first time in ages too.....and the owner had an on going quilt project on the table.

Many members of my craft group are quilters.

So sorry to hear of your dear sister’s passing. What a wonderful idea which I am sure will be of great comfort to your dear nephew and will mean so much. Please let us see the final result.


Sounds like a great idea to me and what a wonderful thing for your nephew to see too. He must miss his mum very much and you miss your sister too of course.

Good luck with it all and look forward to an update on Monday. Xxxx ❤️😘

Sounds like you will make a good job of this project. Take your time, don't force yourself to do it on days you don't feel like it, its an ongoing pastime. Maybe you could embroider a date on the first. Square? I made a tapestry Christmas stocking years ago and always wished I had dated it. Iris x

Great project, look forward to see your progress x😀😀😀

Sounds like a huge task but such a lovely idear. Good luck. May your needle be always sharp and your cotton never twisted 😉

What a wonderful idea! Lots of luck with it 😊 xxx

Very original idea. Happy sewing x


That's fantastic docmel, what a lovely way to remember your sister 😊 Bernadette xxx

What a lovely idea docmel 😄. Something made with love and a bit of his mum for nephew to keep forever. Patchwork is very special & holds so many memories. We have lots in our family.

PS sincere condolences to you xx

Great idea, I used to do a lot of hand sewing , it's hard on the fingers.

That's great what your doing 😁

Kind regards .


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