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10 years ago I was diagnosed with emphysema COPD was told to quit smoking or eventually it would kill me I never listen to the warning signs year after year my doctor stressed it well in December of last year it caught up with me and up on oxygen for short-term and then couldn't stay off of it I kept smoking so last month I had to go to the hospital and next thing I know I'm waking up couple days later they had to put me on a respirator and specialist pulmonology specialist come in and told me I now need a double lung transplant my right lung is at 0% active and my left lungs at 15% I am heartbroken for what I didn't learn years ago my active life is gone all I can do is sit and worry and wait and hopefully get on the transplant list one of the biggest problems I have with sitting this I'm trying as humans we always figure you know if we come no problem we solve it somebody to get out of it with this problem I can't saw that I can't fix it myself I need some help support 😔

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Lots of support to be had here Raidertder and welcome to you. It’s hard when hope seems to be all you have left but you’re not alone.

Thinking of you. Xxxxx

Hi I’m so sorry to hear your diagnosis , you must feel so scared. I have found a lot of support on this site and it’s helped me keep going . It’s so hard to quite smoking I know i smoked for about 3o years and just thought drs were just looking for something to blame my lung condition on I told them not to mention it to me again as I eventually just kept trying my best to quit , some drs were understanding about how hard it is bout others treated me like I was the worst person in the world for ever starting . I’m 48 I have copd chronic bronciatis and chronic blood clots in my lungs and asthma, I also have several other health problems and I understand being unwell is hard. You must have got a big shock when told this diagnosis I’m so sorry for you that your going through such a bad time . I will keep you in my prayers that you get the lung transplant and a great new life. Although all of it must be overwhelming news for you my heart goes out to you, can I ask what age you are now just curious don’t need to answer that question . I hope someone who is also waiting on lung transplant will msg you and share their feelings on how things go. With all my heart I wish you well and hope things will look up for you . Don’t blame yourself because you smoked don’t give yourself a hard time about it . I’m sure you’ll get a lot of support from this site good luck and please when you can keep us updated on how things are going for you . All the best 🌹🌹

Hi I too had a huge battle to quit the ciggies and am now nearly 9 months in. I too was told the same by doctors year after year and didn't even pack it in when I was diagnosed with copd around 10 years ago now. I am very fortunate to still be at virtually the same level I was diagnosed with but now I have given myself a future. It is very hard isn't it but fear made me stop and it's fear which is keeping me off the ciggies.

I hope you are suitable for a lung transplant as it does seem to be your only option now. x

Sorry to hear your bad news.

I didn't realise anyone could still keep active and smoke, with so little lung function.

I hope you get a transplant asap xx

Dear Raider, only my best wishes for you, judg69

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