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How Many Lung Diease Suffers Know Have A NHS HEART 💔 CLAHRC Red Alert Card


Well it’s all been going on WITH my aunt and heart issues.

Hospital discharged my aunt NOT quite sure what caused her PH Heart Attack AND discharged her WITH a red alert card LIKE really like that’s going to get ambulance 🚑 at her house sooner.

To be quite honest am pretty annoyed HOW and WHY the could do this WHEN further test treatment is required BAFFELD am.

Clearly have not spoken to my aunt apart from tell her to rest till back at hospital in morning undergoing Ecco Heart Scan

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Try to calm down Jeff , the stress won't do you any good. Hope all goes well today for you Aunt. You are right no little card is going to make things more speedy. I have an asthma one it is a waste of vital research funds in my opinion. Paramedics will still have to go through proceedure on arrival and ask the questions & do the tests as it is part of the admission proceedure for A&E to assess the treatment urgency. It just helps if they find it and she can't tell them and is alone. Good luck today.

It’s a shame it’s not linked to the ambulance service. I have a card that says I have adrenal insufficiency and am steroid dependent. I had to inform my regional ambulance service incase they need to be called out to me.

I have several of this type of card, for the dentist to give antibiotics for certain procedures, for warfarin, for oxygen, for MedicAlert etc and I agree they seem of doubtful value. However I belong to MedicAlert and also wear a bracelet which gives essential information. There are many of these types of bracelets available online, perhaps you could get one for your aunt. Paramedics do find them useful if faced with an unconscious patient, and the card will help if your aunt is away from home. As for discharge, she is probably better off at home, and an echocardiogram doesn't require hospital admission. If your aunt is inclined to overdo things then you'll have to give her a good talking to! However, do try not to worry too much as the hospital are taking care of her and at least at home you can choose your own tv programme!


The problem with all of these heart conditions is that they are what they are. There is no point in someone sitting in hospital when there is no medical thing that can be done to change it. It is a matter of living with it ( as we are all doing with our lungs) and living to its boundaries. In 2013 my heart started to fail. I was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and AF. The prognosis is five years. Well that’s this year and as you probably saw, I have just taken myself alone on a four month odyssey. I take my tablets and pace myself.

I know that you are very worried about your Aunt Jeff and that doesn’t surprise me because of the type of person you are and the wonderful way that you care for your Dad. I don’t think cards like this serve any purpose because in the case of an emergency paramedics are fully trained to act and. Should anything happen in public I would have thought it would be pretty obvious what it is.

You have to take care of yourself Jeff. Tell your Aunt to take her meds and not to overdo it and then step back. Much as I know you would like to save the world, it just isn’t possible.

All said with love because you are such a special person.


Iwas taken to hospital with a GOPD exacerbation. My doctor expected me to have a staennt implanted. However whilst in the hospital I has a NSTEMI heart attack and the cardiologist said he could do any heart work, since he was unable to exactly name the source, bad heart or lungs.

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