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DWP colluding with Sainsbury’s others to spy on sick & disabled people.


Some may noticed this lots of privacy emails re changes into data protetion act you have to opt in ir out.

In such privacy overhauls IT come to light that The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been colluding with Sainsbury’s and others to spy on welfare claimants and disabled people.

It come to light in Sainbury's and others CCTV use & requests privacy policy.

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Makes you wonder in blf healthUnlocked share information with DWP as the all seem to be at it


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It isn't even unbelievable! I have my shopping done every week for me but I try to go with someone every month/six weeks or so purely to get me out of the house and even that I miss if I'm not having a good day. So does this mean that I'm to be under house-arrest? Do they realise how long it takes me just to get ready for my 'day out' or how much pain and SOB it causes me to do half a lap of the supermarket? It doesn't surprise me in the slightest but it does make me so angry. Take care Jeff

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I defo agree with you SHOPING well not well enough to be pushed shoved about and not got attertude for crowded places or lung function to stood about an age.

Last time i went in supermarket fske fumes nearly killed me.

Just to address your last point, neither HealthUnlocked nor BLF know your full name, age, date of birth, address, or benefits claimed and never see you in person so would not have the information needed that could be passed on. :)

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Hi thats good to know BUT as we have seen with macmillan when it comes to dwp and advocates re reforms the don't always have suffers best interest at heart

I think we've all seen on the news some very accomplished liars who have claimed benefits that they haven't been entitled to over a number of years and who wouldn't have been caught if it had not been for cctv. If it were not for the crooks I'm pretty sure the whole system would be more straight forward and less complicated for the rest of us. I don't mind cctv being used to catch thieves, these people don't 'accidentally' put in fraudulent claims they work at it, putting on an act for interviews, rembering what they've said previously so they don't get caught out when form filling, even buying mobility equipment. But - if you're genuinely disabled there's no clocking off time and that's the bit that gives them away, when nobodies watching they can be themselves again - well, they could until cctv came along. I don't think the likes of us need be worried about being caught on cctv JAS - they're more likely to prove that we aren't lying.

I guess it's impossible not to be filmed on cctv now.....my neighbour had a security camera so I was recorded every time I went out, likewise in every shop I visited, or car park, the library....nearly everywhere.

Hi Jeff how you doing. My trooper sadly it's the world we live in. Data is the furture. It's how these massive internet company's earn to advance and is a good thing in a way as. Privacy is ok but info can make life better and one day it will prevent illness crimes and I hope better livin yes there will be abuse you be very surprised on info that was collected in the past. So it's not a new thing. We. Are just the workers well not any more. Fodder for when we wanted to much or was a threat. Well. Now we. Are seen as a drain so. Really. Should be on guard but I say f-- k it just try to live best you can for the today but be aware. Take care. And Bless you man

Big brother will always get. Bigger it. Could one day. Be hell well that said and done I think call it a day And try. To get. A good nights sleep I wish

Hi Jeff, as I always say we have no privacy these days if people or companies choose to disclose data we can only deal with the aftermath of it being used in the wrong way. As for being under house arrest, the disability benefits are aimed at helping you to get out and pay for help to do so. A remark in my city was can't we put cameras in the loos to moniter misuse & vandalism, now that would be the last straw is nowhere exempt from monitering of our life styles. ????

One of the biggest cons around are loyalty cards. From your purchases and frequency, they have a good idea of the size of your household, your income group, if you regularly go away, if family come to stay.....the list is longer than you can imagine...but most importantly, it can tell your lifestyle, ie how active you are, so beware.

They cannot just share the recordings. In order to obtain these recordings the police/DWP must have a legal reason to do so. The Data Protection Act is very strict on how information like this can be obtained and just as impotantly used. Any genuine claimant of benfits as nothing to worry about. Remember that the law on disclosure can work for you.

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