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As in fairly new on here-still not sure how to post something but dont want to post a question-is this right how ive done it?

My little pug friend came to visit me today-my daughter brought him-first time ive seen him in nearly a week- hes been such a good tonic helping me walk on the days i had him.

Im 3 days post op-cant believe it really!

Feeling hopefull- this photo was our last day together!


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All done correctly, including adding a photo.

There is a option who can see you post, everybody or members only.

Found at bottom of post before you submit.

Click downward arrow, click edit, scroll down choose your preferences.

Click edit response.

Janzo54 in reply to stone-UK

Oh good thanks!


Here is some help if you need it:

Hello Janzo,

What a beautiful picture. 📷 Thank you for sharing. 😊 Dogs are such wonderful blessings. My 🐕 keeps me moving. I hope you are recovering well after your operation. Please do take things slow and easy 🐌.

Best wishes to you,

Cas xx 🌸🌻

Hello Cas,

How kind thank you!

Yes hes been such a blessing in my life. My daughter got him 24th Dec and became part of our family very quickly. Never looked after a doggy before!

In January my neck pain became worse and as result for next 4months my health deteriated rapidly-before this I was swimming weekly and dancing!

I was unable to do either much but having this little bundle of joy encouraged me to start walking locally a few times per week.

By the time my operation was due to take place we we walking sometimes a couple miles tog every week!

He has helped me get strong again and made me laugh cause hes do comical!

Janzo xx

Caspiana in reply to Janzo54

That is wonderful news Janzo. They are amazing at motivating us. 😊🐕


Lovely countryside😊Thank you for the picture.

Glad your little friend helps with your recovery x


Thanks Fran and Cas

Hes a little treasure but cant look after him yet as my neck still fusing but nice to see him yesterday!

Janzo x

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