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Set against some of the awful experiences some of our members have this question might seem a tad "lightweight" but believe me it isn't fun if it triggers an exacerbation.

Has anyone linked hay fever with increases in mucus production and general "unwellness". I have been struggling through April and May with hay fever and this appears to have set off a full blown exacerbation,is there anyone out there who has had a similar experience? Bectonase is helpful but I wonder if there is other medication that would be more effective? I have started my course of Doxicyclin but i feel I am using a hammer to crack a nut.

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Haha locheil, well here we go. I have lifelong bronchiectasis. I have been away at sea for four months and as fit as a flea. Not even caught the virus which goes around ships. I came back three weeks ago. Within five days I couldn’t cough properly, very wheezy ( unusual for me), sinusy as if I had a cold then a high temp. Decided it might be a virus but after a few days started cipro anyway to try to ward off a full exacerbation.I am in the second week of the cipro. Last thursday I called my consultant as was beginning to think I might need to go in for IV. Heard from her sec on fri then of course, bank holiday. The worry was not being able to keep the temp down unless taking paracetamol although the chest wasn’t presenting as a usual exacerbation, lots of gunk. It is more very tight and wheezy and great difficulty coughing anything up. Ifound using the ventolin inhalor, which I don’t usually need, helped a bit. Yesterday I started nebulising saline and I sat in my steam room for twenty minutes. It has begun to ease up and the fever seems to be coming down very slowly. I really don’t want to have to go into hospital. Of course, it has rained which will have soaked the pollens, trees being the worst I think. I am worn out by it and due to see my consultant next week any way. So did I have a virus. Was my chest suddenly bombarded by pollen which started an exacerbation of sorts? I don’t know and I don’t think my consultant will either.

I’m sorry that I haven’t answered your question but at least you know that another bronch has been having a similar experience.

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Darceydoo in reply to Hidden

Ah since April I was told I’d got acute bronchitis went back after 3 weeks stated doxycycline for 3 weeks as had eye op that was to cover any cross infection.Anyway Drs again prednisone Drs again more prednisone .Now it’s end May Drs given me more doxycycline and prednisone and sputum test done as I’ve got Asthma/mild COPD and HIB , when I’ve come of meds my temp goes up and take paracetamol didn’t before this A B though I wonder what’s causing it!

It might be the rape seed fields that are all over the place I am badly affected by that yellow peril. It makes me feel quite ill and I cannot stay close to it for short periods. I can smell the field very often before we see it. I do get an infection about the same time every year so it may well be pollen?

Be Well

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ChaOliver in reply to Offcut

Whatever it is, I have started hay fever meds. ..nasal spray and eye drops plus 24-hr pill and it has really helped my coughing and mucus production. So far so good.Also have started with air purifyer particularly if beginning to cough. I remember that my first pulmonary diagnosos about 20 plus years ago was chronic sinus with a allery presciption.

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