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🍻 Beer & Lung Diease O And Congestion

🍻 Beer & Lung Diease O And Congestion

Well after event’s of last few day’s with aunt Heart 💔 Atack and effects stress had on me.

I decided IT was time to thin out my useless medical devices mainly handheld ecg THAT said everything was ok.

But I kept one showing picture of aunt heart AS shown in picture as when I bought it WELL French paramedics was trialing it.

To cut down on unwarranted hospital admission’s.

And as I have found DID work well and was too accurate.

AS my aunt is in AE cardiac ward near nurses station suffering pulmonary Hypertension effects of heart attack and blood clots.

Guess I was right and just lucky she did not wait for GP surgery and there ecg.

Anyway my aunts not well at all given lung heart issues.

SO after suffering from raised Heart Rate myself Of 170 at rest given stress of it all I decided to get abiltarared mainly via alcohol 🍺 beer.

Things was going well To I feel asleep 💤 where ever THEN I woke up suffering from BAD lung congestion because had feel asleep over arm of chair face up in air flat on my back.

Well that was that woke up could not breath becouse coughing and lung congestion AND in my drunken state forgot to take my preventer inhaler.

Talk about RUF and fish 🎣 out of water.

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hope you are feeling a bit better now xxx


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