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Where IS Everyone They GETTING Ready For THE Right Royal Do

Where IS Everyone They GETTING Ready For THE Right Royal Do

Well guess someone had to post something AND might as well be republican ;)

Anyway this no escaping big day AND I don’t really understand WHY how you would have to take your own picnic on invitation.

Could this be new wedding 🎩 👰 trend.

ANYWAY i thanked and duly turned down my invertation rsvp to special day AS did not fancy starving but AT least in india 🇮🇳 they feed the masses on there big day wedding days

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We didn’t get an invite JAS which is fine as I can’t be bothered to go shopping for picnic food! 😀💖

We are watching the nuptials with our daughter though and having lunch. Xxxx 😂


All be ok really can’t get any sicker lol

Think might have shandy to celebrate 🎉


" Lol JAS.. My sandwiches where far to big. So my invitation was rejected outa hand..Lol.. Megan.."


I think lots will be drinking stout DEFO need to give them wide berth if going.

I think 🤔 ya over sized sandwiches 🥪 might just of saved ya lol


I was invited to the Royal Wedding but I'm just not up to it, what with photo shoots, constant smile on my face it's just too much for me. So after a lot of consideration I think the Royal couple should take centre stage and just leave me out of it. I'le eat my sandwiches in the privacy of my own home. 👰🎩



Quality piece writing ✍️ I know for sure that sums up lot of people’s feeling’s

If was my brother he would not have such concerns feelings lol

Enjoy ya butty and demand our beer 🍺 after all uk 🇬🇧 was founded on free beer

Dilly dilly


Well I would have gone only I just don't like wearing posh hats😊




Not me, we are off to a republican "Not the Royal Wedding" party, though who knows if someone will sneakily have the telly on in a corner. But knowing the hostess, they will be quickly annihilated. I had a bit of a soft spot for Meghan but that's kind of died given the huge expense - £32 million - which we are all paying for. WOT !?&$@£!! Our civil partnership cost under £500 and it was a wild and wonderful day which no-one else had to pay for.


Hi O2trees wild and wonderful sounds like my kind party 🎈 especially ones no one as to pay for.

On issue of Megan well is issue really as I don’t think she princess material really.

But hay am not marrying her BUT that would explane sauerkraut face at palladium WHEN Harry mentioned she not very good at hiding disapproval.


I will be glued to the telly on Saturday but it will be to the FA Cup Final where my team Man Utd are going to win the cup (yet again).

I never agreed to pay for this posh wedding - did you? I wish they would all emigrate :) x


This ******* wedding, has for the first time ever, rendered me speechless!


So I thought you would have made a dedicated royal rhyme Don?


Today’s the Royal Wedding Day,

Where do you think I’ll be?

Looking for that lovely pub,

That declared it ‘Wedding Free’.


So why not do a rhyme for the FA cup final (same day).


I can tell you in advance,

Chelsea doesn't stand a chance.


Hope you're right Don :) :)

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if you are a united fan i would take that pill

because Chelsea will win for sure one-nil

Chelsea fan Ski's and a cat in blue.xx


Totally agree Don! xx

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Just do it Don...I Do, I Do, I Do. XXXXX

Is it beacuse its left you..Gob! smacked..


I think they are making a TV follow up for ‘Suits’ called ‘Robes’ and we are paying for it. Oops I’ve got my speech back. 😀


I'm going to a wedding party in our local community centre with afternoon tea


I thought Iit was down London like I no the get put it about but really.

Guess that’s why she not doing official public engaments as parliament commen’s might have something to say about it.

That aside hope ya have great time and try sneak some of the hard stuff in


Hey Jeff, some of the favoured are getting sausage rolls and cups of tea.


As long as madelson not dishing them out PUT me down for some BUT just remberd am not fav 😒


No not going to watch it lasts too long . Wont hold my interest.

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We,. of the North', are just the worker bees, we won't get an invite respondez si vous please, As ever we,ll work the full 40 hour week, won't get an extra day off, well just foot the bill, so No i wont be watching, cos it,d make me feel ill. 😀


I wish them all the luck in the world 😄 🍀, but I really couldn't be bothered too much with the nuptials. 👰👱


Quiilaty Caspinena nuptials I say eh the nuptials ... dilly dilly

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Well I can see I'm about to make myself very unpopular!😯 I am a Royalist through and through, always have been and always will be so I will be watching the royal wedding from start to finish and hopefully will thoroughly enjoy it!!

I think Harry is a spectacularly compassionate, lovely young man and I wish him and Meghan every happiness. I think we are especially lucky to have two princes who have shown their devotion and duty to this country and it's people each in their own unique ways. They have earned their living and paid their taxes the same as many other young men in this country and put their lives on the line.

The cost of this wedding, the figure of which that is being bandied about by less than reputable tabloids, if to be believed, is to cover the security needed for the guests that have been invited to the grounds of Windsor Castle, ie ordinary people that have gone beyond the 'call of duty' to help other ordinary citizens from all walks of life. The so-called 'special people' who have been chosen by Harry and Meghan to attend their wedding albeit from a distance as thanks and an acceptance of the work they have accomplished and to show their appreciation. I think that is infinitely preferable to inviting a load of statesmen and celebrities,'wanabee' or otherwise. I think this shows the depth of honour and integrity that Harry possesses and is a sign of the remarkable legacy from their mother that he and his brother have carried through to fruition!

The costs of the actual wedding and reception are being paid privately by the Royal Family as was Williams and Kates. This is a public wedding and as such security must play the biggest part. If there was no real security measures and the worst happened in the grounds and the 'ordinary' people were killed and maimed who would be shouting the loudest then! Folk would then be shouting for justice and why weren't these people being protected!!!

As my husband has just commented, how much money do you think this wedding has brought to this country in tourism in just the last couple of weeks alone, besides the income that is constantly being generated from having a Royal Family and all that it entails from its history both from overseas visitors and those of us who enjoy our Monarchy? I think as a nation we are very lucky to have two young men such as William and Harry and offspring to lead us and our grandchildren into the modern world and having worked amongst the 'common' folk know and at least try to understand where we are coming from.


Well said. I think some people disrespecting the Royal Family on here don’t realise what the ‘B’ stands for in BLF 🤣


As in 'Britannia rules the waves'??


I am glad I live we live in Britain, as we have the freedom to express our views, whatever they may be.


Hear Hear, Absolutely, My Hubby said the same thing, The Royals have over the Years contributed so much to this Country. No Other Country can say this about their Royals. Our Royal Family are the Best and I wish Harry & Meghan a Great marriage, they will Pull in Millions £, whilst they are Working for This Country. The Queen & Prince Philip have Worked Longer Than Most People in This Country. Be Kind Please, you are always Kind for everyone on here. Love N Hugs, and Peace to you all...Enjoy your day, Wedding or Football, it's the way we are. xxxxxxx


Totally agree, I’ll join you and risk being ostracised for my views! Whatever anyone does today, enjoy yourselves and raise a glass to them, the football champions or your own family. Love and peace ✌️ to all. X


Guys please do not disrespect the Royal Family on here.

If you don’t like it please don’t post nasty snipes, it’s not what this sites for.

Best Regards

Simon 🇬🇧


I think it's hard for us ones who don't believe in the monarchy when events like this happen. Everything is taken over by it and we are in a minority so sniping is pretty much all we have.

I dont disrespect the individual royal family members - the Queen has worked her socks off over a long life. Charles, not so sure. Harry and Meghan are decent people though they will never understand what it is to struggle financially. I respected Harry's thoughts about his own mental health issues to do with his mother's death. It's the institution I dislike so much.

If they had a more symbolic role as in Spain or Denmark for instance, I wouldn't be so anti. But they are very powerful - head of both state and church which in my opinion, and many others, shouldn't be connected. They have the capacity to influence behind the scenes, e.g. Charles' frequent letters to the government, which the Guardian had to go to court to find out about - i.e. the very opposite of transparency. We have no constitution and therefore our status is as subjects rather than citizens. This is pretty backward in the 21st century, especially compared with other European countries.

So please don't assume we are just moaning, or sniping for the sake of it. It comes from very passionate beliefs, in my case anyway. Im sorry some of you are offended by the replies above and I sincerely hope you enjoy the day.


In Spain, they are Just a "Symbol" not a lot of respect from their People. Lived there 28 Years. As you say Everyone to their own Views. Have A Happy Day 02, I will, doing a bit of Flower Planting in the Sun, watching the Wedding, later watch a bit of Football. I will raise my Glass to the happy Couple. Breathe well everyone and Love n Hugs to All. XXXX

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I wasn't offended by remarks made, indeed I welcome differing opinions and there's no harm in a lively debate which is what a forum is for.

What I would say purely from a personal point of view is that I have no problem being a British subject as it gives me a sense of belonging. I have no wish to be a citizen in a republic. I don't pretend to be au fait with all the ins and outs of the constitution or lack of but I don't believe the Monarch wields great influence anymore. As for Charlie, I think that's more wishful thinking on his part!

splendidly written Jean,if this is a free and democratic country then our opinion should be respected the meantime we will don our caps and scarves,have a pint of double diamond or watneys red barrel and meander down to wembley for the real event of the day.

A non royalist Ski's and a veteran,as indeed is the groom,you can be both and a cat that likes football xx


I love the Queen and much admire her. She is a wonderful woman who walks a tightrope every day and works very hard for her country, she truly understands her duty as Queen.

Having said that, I am pleased I don't own a TV, I could not stand all the non-stop chat about this wedding (good luck to them anyway, of course, I don't mean them ill in any way). In my mind, the rest of the royals are nothing more than benefit scroungers.

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