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It’s ALWAYS Nice To Know Someone Is Listening MAKEs A Change When It’s Our MP

Well it’s all been going ON re my little letters spats with Alzheimer’s Society MP’s etc

Mainly re Dementia Alzheimer’s Mesothelioma O and farse they now call ADULT SOCIAL CARE.

If your wondering why there is NO social care IN your area ITs not like I thought THAT social workers was just lazy useless.

It’s fact this government as swiped 4.6 billion from adult social care wellbeing budgets.

That means equats to the loss of 300.000 disabled vaunrable people receiving public funded services care.

Also MY mp is writing ✍️ to Jeremy hunt Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to raise my consens with.

As they say in M/C i i Quality man better than dilly dilly ;)

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I do believe you’re getting somewhere JAS or so it seems. Well done and thanks for all your hard work and perseverance on behalf of those who need all the help they can get. Xxxx


Hi sassy was quite long lettter 3 pages SHOCKED was all of interesting material :)

Anyway just before post man come i was writing to council about pavement resurfacing contractors.

Here is what i was writing about as clearly annoyed

Dear Who Ever.

As thrilling as it is to see city council spending rate payers money in such worthy cause's

I..e footpath maintenance works resurfacing.

WHEN social care budgets for elderly sick disabled are being slashed.

Well there is know words to explain it .. So i will cut to point of my email.

Am no expert on leaflet design OR contractors but am when it comes to suffering illness and disability.

And in leaflet warning advising about upcoming works THERE was no mention of those with disabilities and access for health care professionals.

We don't live in perfect society AND as good as your contractors are at highways or pavements i think they need lesions in equality disability o and discrimination.

Now when my carer turned up at my house she was meet with hostility by ignorant contractors that TAR everyone with the same brush.

Clearly education provision is better than hostility in civilized society.

Well thats what i think.

So why as your leaflet HAVE no information advice for those with disability illness that are dependent on health care professionals visiting.

I find that discriminately and tad unprofessional.

And a help line phone number a poor excuse for information education.

When my career was abruptly told to do one WHY did your contractor not have clue given uniform SHE might of needed to get to my house given illness disability.

As to liability I hope i have in-lighted you to plight of those with disabilities dependent on others AND perhaps things will change and healthcare professionals who need to visit homes during works will be meet by understanding and even booties by your contractors.

I just hope someone more in need of there healthcare professional TO monitor disbeties administer injection AS not been told to do one by your contractors.

Yours Sincerely


Well said JAS. They all need to remember that, unless they are psychic, they’ve no idea what the future holds. I can’t abide abuse to people trying to help others. Your carer should be treated with the utmost respect. You take care xxxx


Lucky for me my carer as guts and told them where to go BUT that’s not the poit provision should be made.

And am sure not all health care professionals would be so robust.

MY argument is on leaflet IT should said something could shown carer SO she knew and could approach contractors.

Instead was nothing but hostility PEOPLE need there cares to eat GO shop gas electric EVEN administer medication.

So being told to do one by ignorant contractor IS not really on


Hi Jeff - That is really good news that you have a response from your MP , gives some hope. Been a long haul for you admire your persitance. Well done.

Can make a difference - Not to be political but there are huge financial problems ahead for underfunded NHS - we are not all going to go away as i feel Govt/Civil service wish - or even shut up ! Wish i thought there was a will in Parliament to sort things out , we seem to be going backwards somehow.

Best wishes to you and I hope your Father is as well as he can be , Diane


From letter MAKEs good reading also quite damming as far as mesothelioma and social care.

Things are put in place then voted down by current gov.

What oppersition proposed is stuff you read about From civilised society.

But as we have seen WITH my last post re asbestos mesothelioma bbc spys news black outs OUR country is far from fair or civilised.


Good work, JeffAjaxSmith. Keep it up. I know that feeling when you actually get a constructive response once in a while. Nice!

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4.6 billion stolen from adult care budget! Appalling.

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Shocked me too


Hi Jeff , sometimes MPs can be useful in our campaigns for better services. Well done. I am going to a local meeting for adult social services at the end of this month to discuss the effects of the said cuts and how we can alter the housekeeping so the cuts are not hitting so drastic on older persons services. But our input will only have a small part to play sadly and often we feel unheard.

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Hi Katie I find with cuts the follow routes enstine think SAID about least resistance .... it’s those that don’t bother wake up and rug is gone from under them.

Then stood there thinking what As happened but to late then


Very true Jeff

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