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I have had the oxygen nurse out today, they say I only need oxygen when active, so not as bad as I thought. 😊 Bernadette xxx

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That’s good news Bernadette. Xxxx


So you will be kicking your heels again soon :)

Damon1864Volunteer in reply to 2greys

Hopefully 😊 xx

That's sort of good news I guess, keep well xx

Good news Bernadette. I only need oxygen on exertion too and when first started using it I was very self-conscious. I soon got over that and wouldn't go anywhere without it now.

Hi, it is good news - was for me anyway and has made a big difference to my life.

Am much less fatigued these days and hopefully the body will hold out for longer!

It makes a big difference as well when out and about because it make your perceived need very visible, so others are more helpful ...that is what I find anyway 😊

Hope you find it helpful.


Don't forget to use it when you're dancing on the tables! Glad the news was better than you expected, Bernadette. Take care. xx Moy


I've had the same advice from my oxygen tests but a little time spent after activity helps me to recover slightly quicker.



Thank you Keith, didn't really want the oxygen but nurse insisted. Xxx

Good news 👍👍

I LOVE my oxygen!!!! My primary care physician and pulmonary doctor put me on oxygen as soon as I was diagnosed! I am so grateful to them for their knowledge and expertise! I only use my oxygen at night when I am sleeping. I have only had one exacerbation in 7 years and have never had to use my rescue inhaler!! I don't know why SO many people are afraid of or not willing to go on oxygen....it has literally saved my life! I am VERY active and healthy except for the COPD.

That's wonderful news Bernadette. I am so pleased for you. xx 🙋🐕🐾

I've been on oxygen 15 hours a day for over 5 years. I have it with me when I go out, but rarely need to use it outside. I keep actve, I walk the dog 4 times a day when the weather is suitable, and go swimming, tai chi, and yoga on different days of the week. I'll be 69 in July, and can't remember the last time I had a chest infection. Oxygen is great,use it to keep active is the best thing you can do.

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