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Acid reflux surgery? Post nasal drip again!


I think I've mentioned before I got acid reflux which when I get a cough makes it far worse and makes me wheeze terribly. Anyway I've had investigations and my oesophogus is okay and works well which is good. I found Omeprazole not too helpful and Esomeprazole not much better either. A month ago I was given Ranitidine to try and I'm pleased to say that has really made the difference. The burning in my back has now stopped completely! Also this medication is a lot safer to take long term which is good for me. So I've decided to keep with it and not go for any surgery yet, as we were looking at Linx or possibly something called Stretta. I'm going to hold off at the moment and see my gastro dr in

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Don't know what happened there, posted in mid sentence!

Anyway..... in 4 months time I'm going to see specialist again to see how it's going.

Now following my recent cold iv got post nasal drip and constantly clearing my throats which I can feel mucus dripping down it. I'm seeing ENT Thursday evening so I'm hoping he'll give me something to help also my nose is so sore and crusty as wasn't healed completely since the sinus surgery.

Hoping sinuses are perhaps going to get better eventually! I wore the 24hr ecg th other day and am seeing GP next week for results.

One day I might get there! At least it was warm and sunny here for few days.


Hiya shancock.coincidently I’m on omeperazole and they didn’t do much so last week got some ranitidine and they are working better also nasal cones are helping clear the sinusitis problem good luck recovering from the surgery.


Bit of petroleum jelly will help with the crusty nasals & try a neti pot saline rinse for the PND - it drives you mad... I know from experience; it won't cure it but when you're over your worst it may go so you need something in the meantime to make it bearable.

Also for a bit of relief use otravine or the like. otrivine.co.uk/

You shouldn't use it (any of them) for more than 7 days for fear of a rebound reaction, but I use it at weekend to ensure I get some respite & a good nights sleep.

Edit for clarity: You can use the saline as often as you like, it's decongestant stuff you have to be careful with.

Good luck.

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Thanks I use Neilmed rinse twice a day already, it does give a little relief I won't touch the decongestants at all as they can cause more probs.

I will try the Vaseline that's a good idea. Maybe when I see my ENT surgeon he'll give me some nasepin cream again to help. It's a nightmare I constantly feel it going down my throats and that makes its sore.


Hi shancock

Do they know what’s Causing the acid reflux and what surgery are they on about doing I’m glad you found something that works for you I have 80 mg of the omperazole a day but it works so far I know there’s a lot been said I’ve been on them for about 6 years now but you know you try and do what’s best good luck let us know what there thinking of doing stay safe stay alive

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My LES doesn't shut so everything I eat comes back up. It showed up on my ct scan.

The two surgeries which seem the safest are Linx surgery or Stretta, google them it's very interesting. I'm holding off for now but will see how it goes at th moment Ranitidine is helping and it's safe long term.


Wow that doesn’t sound good now wonder you got acid it’s part of the muscle mine does what it like I have the Botox injections it works for me at the moment so

But I hope you get it all sorted acid isn’t nice to have

Take care

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