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Cough for two months! Blood in the morning.. what to do?


I’ve cough for past two months. Its started with cold then coough, then coughed up blood in the morning (3 to 5 times) after three or four weeks cough was getting better and almost cured, but cold hit me back again due to bad weather! again cough.. blood in the morning for past two weeks.

In the first week of cough, consulted docotor blood test done.. notmal!

Second week x ray and blood test normal!

In the third week, CT scan.

It showed subplueral cystic lesion (bullae) in left lower lobe! But doctor said it has nothing to do with cough and blood in the morning!

and bullectomy may needed to remove the bullae, since its not disturbing me no need of that now it seems.

So what’s next? Bronchoscopy?

but why bronchoscopy when CT says no mass or nothing?

Help me!

Im 25.. smoked for 5 years (social smoker)


Btw I’m on homeopathy medicine after CT results. showed improvement!

But second cold gave back cough and blood in the morning!

now cough is improved! but blood still in the morning!

Blood comes with sputum, sputum is white normally.

anddd I have very bad gerd, burp a lot!

Acidity on its peak!

Help me...

The C word disturb me! I google a lot!

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Hi the fine blood capillaries in the throat and nose can get very fragile after infections and coughing etc. There is also the possibility that Gerd may be responsible if only small amounts of blood are in your sputum. Nobody can diagnose online but your Dr appears to be doing all the right things. Next keep away from Dr Google. Other than the reported problems your CT scan was clear. As for the bronchoscopy there may be a chance that your Gerd is affecting that area of your lungs and the Doctor wants to see first hand if that is the case. He may also take a biopsy to see what's happening at a cellular level. Your Doctor appears to be covering all angles. Medicine is a process of elimination and by the look of it you could get your answers soon.


I would discard any thoughts of cancer at your young age, it would be extremely unlikely. Also, it would certainly have shown up on your CT scan and an immediate PET scan would have been ordered. I know the procedure well because I now have lung cancer and as a high risk copd patient, have had more than a few false alarms over the last two years. Rest easy about the "big C".

More often than not coughing up a little blood is usually a torn vein in your airways caused by violent coughing and maybe it's hard to heal because of the constant coughing. Give it a week or two after the cough has gone. The time to worry is when there is lots of blood, all the time. Remember a little blood goes a long way, especially when mixed with sputum.


You have been given some great advice by Badbessie and 2greys. Trust your doctors as it seems they are on the ball. :) Do make sure your doctors are aware of any homeopathic or none-prescription medication you are taking.


Hi abdhmz

I remember posting on this forum a few weeks ago, I had coughed up blood.

It is scary - I was however in the middle of my second COPD flare up of the Year, so excessive coughing probably was the cause....At 25 I doubt very much you have cancer and your test thus far are encouraging.

You say "acid in the morning" Could be during the night you have some acid regurgitation that is the cause.

This is just my opinion- Until your doctors finish their teats and find the cause, if the problem is still there - I would not use any over the counter or alternative medication. I would leave everything to the doctors if it was me... The exception being say Gaviscon before you go to bed, to try and neutralize any excess acid.


If you get acid reflux first thing in the morning, try sleeping with your head and shoulders raised on a couple of pillows, to keep the acid down in your stomach as you sleep. All the best.


Hi , your CT scans have not shown cancer so please don’t be concerned, modern tech is really good , I had same thoughts but but happily CT and x- ray showed COPD not cancer, also frequent coughing can cause a small blood vessel to break , x


I agree with DiannaH , I have occasionally has blood traces but it is usually down to a small blood vessel that burst due to excessive coughing and not due to my lung disease and not the big C :-)


You could have a ulcer have them check again sometime you cough blood if it’s perforated coughing too hard could set it off. Good luck 😉


Thank you beautiful people!

I feel better, past few days no blood in the morning (or I try not to cough in the morning).

Cough is getting better... but its not going away.

Slight discomfort in breast bone...

two+ months now! Let me wait nd see:)


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