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Hi all. I read this health unlocked all the time but this is my first post. I have had a virus/flu like thing for 3 weeks now. It’s getting better but has left me with a cough and breathlessness. I have moderate copd and am a little breathless anyway but never this bad. My question is will my breathing get better as time goes on or not. Cheers thanks for reading this

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Hi Looseloafers, welcome to our group. So sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. Hope you feel better soon. 😊 Bernadette xx

Thanks so much x

The virus I caught this winter took about 4 weeks to go, and then I caught another, but I'm fine now. Also have moderate COPD.

Looseloafers in reply to Ergendl

Thanks for your reply I’m getting there I think. The breathlessness is wearing though

I had the Flu/Virus in February and had the same worries as you. I am better now and my breathing is no worse. I hope you get better soon.

Thanks for the reassurance

Hello Looseloafers .

I really like your screen name. 😁

Yes, it takes awhile to be honest. You didn't mention if you had seen a doctor or if you are on medication?

Us lung patients tend to take a longer time to feel better. Please be kind to yourself. I really hope you feel better very soon.

Warm wishes.

Cas xx 🙋🐕🐾☕

Thanks Cas I had antibiotics the 1st week but the cure was worse than the disease!! I did finish the course though can’t say they helped, am much better now but still have coughing fits and breathless going to see dr next week so we will see

Hi Looseloafers,welcome to this great group.

In january i had pneumonia and an infection ,i was in hospital for 5days the end of March i got pneumonia and an infectionagain ,i them called an ambulance as i could hardly breath ,when they arrived ,the parametic took my Oxygen levels were 75 so they adviced me to go with them to the hospital ,after the very young doctor checked me out ,he said i had pneumonia and an infection with that he said i could go home ,forgetting to take the needle out of my arm ,first i told them what i thought of them .

It's taken me 3weeks to feel better in myself ,i had one home visit from my doctor after that it was phone calls from my doctor ,i certainly would not want to go though this again .

Hi Susan. That sounds horrific. It seems to be luck these days to get a good doctor

Definitely Looseloafers ,I wish you all the best.

Hi looseleafersorry, l have also had flu, followed by chest infection, now a virus. I have bronchiectasis and asthma. This is four weeks now, and the breathing is improving, but l feel tired and don't want to do much. It will take time, but, in my experience, it will improve.

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