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Daughter with chronic cough



I have a 2 year old who has had a chesty cough for over a year now. It wakes her at night as well. I have taken her to the GP repeatedly. She has had several courses of antibiotics, asthma medications and antihistamines. Nothing has worked. I insisted she got a chest x ray which showed some haze in one of her lungs. She had more antibiotics. She went a few weeks without the cough then it returned. Has anyone had any similar experience to This? Are there other medications she could try? Can chest infections last this long or could it be something else? Any help appreciated.

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Hello and welcome. Your daughter sounds as if she needs a proper diagnosis by a specialist. Clearly she’s not responding to what has been tried already.

Insist on a referral and good luck to you. Please let us know how you get on. Wishing your little girl well. Xxxxx

Mumtotoddler in reply to sassy59

Thank you xxx

So sorry to her of your little Daughter’s health issues. Totally agree with sassy re a referral to a paediatric respiratory specialist, if only to get a baseline assessment, especially as the xray wasn’t clear. A specialist would do more in depth investigations.

You would, I am sure, find it helpful to phone the BLF helpline and speak to one of the lovely nurses. They are very knowledgeable not only in adult respiratory problems but also in paediatric. Resp issues. A chat with them will give you more clarity.

Please come back and let us know how you get on.

Love and healing hugs to your dear little one.


Hope you get answers soon, I think you'll have to firmly insist she see a specialist who can have a real look at what's happening rather than the GP just try and guess.

Hi I have spent my life with a chesty cough. All the things I have tried Honey gave the best results. Just honey or honey in lemon juice. None of the store bought cough mixtures ever worked. It also maybe an allergy, check your house for mold, it could also be the carpet. I won't have carpet in my place just polished floorboards or tiles. When I got older I found that red wine was better than any cough mixture.

Hi and welcome- we had a similar problem with our daughter coughing during the night and sounding like she was choking. We were referred to the hospital where she had tests and was diagnosed as asthmatic which I was in denial though we went along with the inhaler . Not all inhalers work in the same way for us so maybe a different one may help. I agree you need to see a specialist in order to get a diagnosis for her. Its awful listening to your little one coughing constantly . Have you got hypo allergic bedding ? I know feather duvets affect my grandchildren by bunged up noses and bad skin. Hoping she is sorted soon. x

Hi I would insist on an appoint with Respiratory Consultant.... my daughter was like this from 3 months old... gp diagnosed Asthma and she never was referred on to the hospital until she was 15 as the medicines and inhalers worked a little bit! Turns out she may never have had Asthma but has other lung problems now! How I wish that i had insisted more when she was younger! GP even told me I was a paranoid mother as this was my first child! Good luck ans keep us posted x

My son had similar at that age (he is now 18)...back then was told it was croup. We put a steamer in his room which helped when air was chilly. He went into develop asthma. So it could be croup or even first sign of asthma. You really need to see a pediatrician to have it diagnosed correctly as it is not normal.

Hi, cant offer any advice other than what has already been said, but can sympathise, my daughter when she was little had a constant cough and was on a medicine called penbritin that I doubt they use nowadays. She ended up having her tonsils out when she was 6 and seemed to be alot better for a long time. We worry so much when our children are small and its heartbreaking hearing them cough throughout the night. Try to look after yourself and get the rest you need as well. Hope your daughter gets better soon. Irene x

I agree with the others. Take her to a lung specialist. Good luck and I hope she gets better real quick

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