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Mild Emphysema help


Hi - I am 41 year old female - I had a mild cough in January, first cough for 12 years and although my chest was clear the dr thought i may have allergies/asthma as i have bad hayfever - I had a lung function test which was good and need no action - i then went to the dr with palpations and saw a different dr who asked for a chest x-ray - I went thinking not much of it - i called for the results and they said the dr will give you a call to discuss - he called a week later to say the x-ray showed very mild emphysema - this has totally shocked me - the dr just said nothing needs to be done and that in later years i may need flu jabs and an inhaler - I don't smoke and i don't have any symptoms - i have sort of been left by the Dr and i am now worrying after googling - i wonder if anyone could offer me anywords of advice - I am fit, active and not overweight - I had serve whopping cough as a child which went on for many months - could this be a cause? i am also hypothyroid - thanks

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.. I was thinking of getting a second opinion as seems strange I have it ?

Just a subjective comment here - I wouldn't worry too much if I was otherwise in good health, but if it were me, I would ask for a referral to a specialist, just for clarity. My recent personal experience involved an X Ray with radiologist's opinion of diffuse emphysema. A specialist disagreed - she said it's not possible to confirm from X Rays alone - and she thought my clinical symptoms didn't speak for emphysema. The CT scan that followed confirmed an alternative diagnosis but showed no emphysema. If there is something going on, however mild, I think it is helpful to know so that you can undertake whatever long term life style and self care changes changes are necessary. Just my thoughts! (And don't google too much. :-))

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Thanks for your reply .. what else could it be .. something worse ? :(

It does seem an odd diagnosis given your age and the fact you’ve never smoked. You should asked to be referred to a specialist.


Hi, sounds like you need a second opinion. I've had emphysema for a number of years and cant move around as you appear to do, therefore I would doubt the diagnoses you have been given. A second opinion may mean a private consultant which could cost you but to firmly confirm one way or the other whether you have this disease I am sure would put your mind at rest. Meanwhile keep fit & doing all the active things you do, eat sensibly and don't believe everything you might read on Google (that info normally frightens than informs)


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Thank u.. I am

Seeing a dr privately as I have health care insurance

I would see a specialist who will probably give order a cat scan and PFT to give a more thorough diagnosis

You've never smoked?

I have mild emps seen on HRCT scan. Had xrays before the scan & since and consultant radiologist has never mentioned it because s/he can't see it from an xray.

Ask for a copy of the xray report, if the report says emps, it's not your Dr's opinion your questioning but the radiologist. If it doesn't say emps then ask the Dr why he thinks it is.

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Thank you for reply

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