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Adult Croup/chest infection/tonsillitis


Hey I was diagnosed with Tonsillitis two weeks ago and as it was starting to clear started coughing up clumps of blood so ended up at AandE where I was put on a nebuliser, given a dose of oral morphine, a dose of steroids and amoxicillin, told I had adult croup and sent home. It’s now been 5 days and my penicillin for tonsillitis just finished, my amoxicillin is nearly done, I am still coughing constantly and phlegmy and can barely catch my breath at times, and to top it off have started vomiting and diarrhoea, with nothing in my tummy it is all just bile and burns. What else should I do, I feel like I am just not getting any better.

Thanks for any advice.

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First I heard of adult croup bet the winched when they DX you with that.

I had same thing that caused respiratory distress.

Is shocking state you have to get in to get antibiotics’s.

For guts I would try yogurt or penunt butter well providing you don’t have 🥜 nut allergy.

Anyway wishing you well speedy recovery.

Zelda1 in reply to Hidden

Thank you i’ll Definitely try that. Been barely keeping anything down, but i’m Happy to try anything.

find another doctor

Zelda1 in reply to Kris1977

I may have to, been with this doc for 6 years now and she’s just retired so two practices are merging and lo and behold the practice merging with mine is the one I left years ago cos it’s was full of idiots, never had time for you or listened. This current place has been really good, get the feeling it’s gonna get bad soon tho.

I’ll look into another doctor. Thanks for the advice.

Hello Zelda1 and welcome to the forum. If you finish your course of antibiotics and the symptoms haven't cleared or there are new symptoms then you need to see your doctor for him/her to investigate.

Zelda1 in reply to mrsmummy

I will make an appointment with the doc if the symptoms don’t change after Abtibiotics change. Just wondered if anyone else ever had croup as an adult. Didn’t expect it to be so Rough lol! Thanks for the advice

Turns out I had pneumonia and gastroenteritis and was extremely dehydrated as a result had developed a blood clot in my lung. Spent some time in the hospital. Thanks to everyone for their reply’s. On the mend now finally.

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