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Repeated sinus problems and copd


Good morning everyone. I was diagnosed with copd last year having had asthma for many years. I never smoked. This winter has been very difficult and I dread rain and damp weather, difficult because I live in Wales! My question is about repeated sinus problems which make me miserable and wonder if the two problems are connected and do other people have the same problem?

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I have a lot of sinus problems, Lally. I was born and brought up in Wales, but haven't lived there for forty odd years, but I have problems with headaches, sinus pain and discharge too. Not nice at all, especially as I spent last night moaning about the pain and stuffiness, taking paracetamol and it's no better now. Mind you it's been so misty and wet here for days....I have nearly forgotten what the sun and sky looks like.

Antibiotics clear the sinus problems for a while but it always comes back......I wonder if it's something to do with the way I breathe or even a side effect of my medication. I have asthma /COPD .

Have you tried a Netty Pot? It works wonders for me.

Normally I have no sinus problems but this winter I have had three episodes. Also my wife and daughter who do not have COPD. I think it could be related to the weather, snow etc as I don't normally have problems.

The central heating plays havoc with sinuses, gets too dry inside, I use a hygrometer, (humidity monitor) when it gets down to 50% humidity I usually add humidity by using a humidifier not to be confused with a humidifier which take moisture out of the air.

Sterimar nasal spray may help also neilmed sinus rinse or superdrug nasal spray or one from the doc.

I do think some of the inhalers can cause the problem too.

Its ironic, too dry sinus not happy, too moist lungs not happy.

I was diagnosed with asthma and fixed small airways obstruction (COPD by any other name!) after a series of incessant winter colds. I'm told that there is a connection as we don't clear our lungs properly and that tends to lead to upper respiratory infections. I suspect the inhalers help and I use Beconase in winter as well as summer to reduce any allergic rhinitis associated with the asthma. Seemed to work until March when I got a couple of really bad colds. I'm afraid I don't have an answer to this, only that I suspect the connection is real.

Thank you for all these helpful responses. It’s nice to hear from fellow sufferers!

Yes they are connected, I have the same problem. Severe sinus problems..

The only thing that I do is keep your lungs open, if there is congestion in your lungs, your sinuses will be really bad. I have tried neilmed sinus rinse and nasonex, they don t help. My advice is go to go and get atrovent inhaler for COPD, it opens up the lungs and sinuses are much better an hour later. Hope this helps you.

Only now seeing this post as I just posted I have severe COPD and now think I have Sinusitis. My Surgery have told me to see a Pharmacist for medication. Hoping to get it sorted today. I also live in Wales.


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