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BLF Fleece


Bought the BLF fleece yesterday for my birthday (a present to myself!). It turned up today. That’s an awesomely quick delivery time. Thank you guys!

If anyone here likes wearing fleeces I would heartily recommend. It’s lovely. I would share a photo of me wearing it, but this site is having an issue with me uploading photos at the moment. Sorry!

Great job though. I love it. Still waiting on news of the caps though @Ben_BLF 😉😀

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hi yes they are quick, I ordered one on Monday and got it tuesday

Where can I find blf items for sale please x

Symes in reply to Usgang

Enjoy wearing the fleece Symes. Xxxx

Symes in reply to sassy59

Thanks Carole!


Good to hear, Symes !!

The team responsible for the merchandise have just told me it's going to be considered when they do their next review, so don't you worry, I'll keep reminding them and plugging for it :-)

Symes in reply to Hidden

Nice one 😀 cheers Ben!

Hidden in reply to Symes


I'm also plugging for a BLF phone cover - it would look quite nice especially given I do most of my emailing and messages on my smartphone these days!

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